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15 Amazing Hand-Picked Syracuse Hotels for Every Budget

From 5-star luxury to mom-and-pop B&Bs, Syracuse and the island of Ortigia offer endless options for stunning accommodation at any budget. Read on to find your perfect home-away-from-home in Syracuse, Sicily!

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For the perfect mix of history, culinary excitement, and charming little alleyways, Syracuse, Sicily should be your very first choice for a place to stay in Sicily! Well, technically when people think of Syracuse, they are usually thinking about the island of Ortigia – but in any case, there are loads of great Syracuse hotels and rental options.

If you’re still on the fence about whether to base yourself in Syracuse during your trip, after my most recent visit I can say I highly recommend it for access to all of the most important and exciting destinations on Sicily’s east coast. I would also suggest you check out my complete guide to Syracuse to get an idea of all the amazing things to see, do and eat in my favorite spot in eastern Sicily.

Without further ado, though, let’s have a lot at some of the absolute best Syracuse hotels!

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Delve into Sicily

Short on time? TL;DR:

If you’re booking your Syracuse hotels last minute or just want a quick summary of where to stay in Syracuse – look no further!

Here are the top Syracuse hotels for any budget or requirement:

  1. Luxury: Byssus Suites
  2. Boutique: La Maison
  3. Mid-Range: Apollo Suite
  4. Bed & Breakfast: Maecò Ortigia B&B
  5. Holiday rental for couples: Boudoir degli Orti
  6. Holiday rental for groups: Casa Siciliana alla Giudecca

Accommodation for Any Budget

When deciding where to stay in Syracuse, you’ll have plenty of options at every possible budget from the most luxurious of hotels to simple but functional B&B rooms to amazing vacation rentals (for those who prefer a more independent or local experience).

Syracuse actually has a very high concentration of high end accommodation, and honestly each one is stunning in its own way. I’ve tried to hand-pick properties and hotels within a nice variety of price points, so no matter what your budget this list will have something for you.

The ranges of each budget category in this article are as follows (all prices in USD):

  • €€€: $225+/night
  • €€: $125 to $225/night
  • €: Under $125/night

Keep in mind that prices fluctuate significantly between high and low seasons, but these ranges should be roughly accurate most of the time.

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Most asked questions about staying in Syracuse

What area to stay in Syracuse?

The most popular area to stay in Syracuse, Sicily is the island of Ortigia, and for good reason—it is the center of action and exciting things to see, eat, and do for visitors. Ortigia is actually surprisingly non-touristic as far as popular, ancient city centres in Italy go; however, those looking for exceptional boutique hotels will be surprised to find that some of the very best places to stay in Syracuse are located in the Santa Lucia neighborhood, located just next to Ortigia itself.

Opting to stay in Santa Lucia may offer the best of both worlds to those looking for proximity to Ortigia without the headache of tight parking options and admittedly large summer crowds on the island. It’s also worth noting that, as a city with a literally ancient plumbing system, Ortigia sometimes experiences water shortages in summer which means that everyone on the island needs to be very careful with water use… this might mean shorter showers! If that’s a concern for you, Santa Lucia will offer a great alternative.

Is Syracuse a walkable city?

Syracuse, Sicily is an extremely walkable city! In particular, Ortigia is very small measuring less than 0.2 square miles / 0.5 square kilometres, meaning you can easily traverse the entire island with one day of leisurely strolling. Also, car traffic in Ortigia is limited to just residents in the evenings, so most streets are by default pedestrianized. It is definitely built for walking!

Where is the old town in Syracuse?

The old town of Syracuse, Sicily is the island of Ortigia – which has been the center of the city since it was founded almost 3000 years ago. Connected to modern Syracuse by a two very short bridges (you can’t even really tell you’re driving onto the island!), Ortigia has all the old town vibes you’re likely searching for: quaint pedestrian streets, alleys to wander and get lost in, charming piazzas, etc.

There are also plenty of ancient sites to see throughout the more modern section of Syracuse—most notably the Neapolis Archaeological Park where you can explore ruins which once made up part of the thriving Greek and Roman city.

Where to Stay in Syracuse, Sicily

Best Syracuse Hotels: Luxury & Boutique

syracuse hotels: byssus suites

Byssus Suites

€€€ | 4 Star | Sleek Design | Copious Amenities

Every room at this chic hotel just a 10-minute walk from Ortigia has a spacious seating area and luxury bathroom, making it the perfect spot for design-conscious travelers seeking relaxation and a sense of calm on their visit to Syracuse. Guests rave about delicious in-room breakfast and the service overall. I would specifically recommend this spot if you plan to use Syracuse as a base for exploring the rest of south-eastern Sicily—staying just outside Ortigia means you’ll cut a good 10 minutes off your driving time in either direction and save a headache with parking as well!


syracuse hotels: caportigia boutique hotel

Caportigia Boutique Hotel

€€€ | 5 Star | Stunning Roof Terrace | Current Yet Old-World

Recently renovated, this five-star hotel in Syracuse is far more up-to-date than its five-star competitors in Ortigia itself. Caportigia Boutique Hotel offers absolutely stunning views from the roof terrace, huge rooms, and an exceptional staff. Again, its location also means it has the same perks as the previous option if you plan to drive a lot!


syracuse hotels: la maison

La Maison

€€€ | 4 Star | Family-Owned | Centrally Located

If you’re looking to lean in to Sicily’s baroque history and live your best life between exquisitely decorated ceilings and intricately patterned tile floors, look no further than La Maison. Guests are ecstatic about the hosts’ attention to detail and personalized service, as well as the perfect location just steps from Piazza Duomo. Apparently the beds are pretty comfortable too…


syracuse hotels: minareto


€€€ | 5 Star | Private Beaches | Stunning Views

This 5-star resort located just across the bay from Ortigia is a bit of a different type of stay compared to the rest on this list. If you’re concerned more with the rest & relaxation aspect of your trip, a stay at Minareto will do you wonders. With two private beaches and a pool, this resort offers top tier service, rooms and food. Plus, you’ll get to gaze across the water at the beauty of Ortigia, which is just a 20 minute drive from the hotel.


syracuse hotels: ortea luxury palace

Ortea Luxury Palace

€€€ | 5 Star | High Class Luxury | Top-Notch Amenities

This hotel located just next to the main parking area of Ortigia is actually a converted art nouveau post office! In addition to reception and dining areas and bedrooms, this 5-star hotel also boasts an indoor pool and wellness center with two Turkish baths. Also, due to its prime location, most rooms have stunning sea views!


Best Syracuse Hotels: Mid-Range

syracuse hotels: apollo suite

Apollo Suite

€€ | 4 Star | Centrally Located | Design-Forward

Apollo Suite manages to offer immaculate design and quality for a much more affordable price than options in the previous section! Located in a gorgeous historic building, this hotel also features super sleek and modern bathrooms, a comfortable breakfast area, and gorgeous parquet floors. A no-brainer option if you’re looking to balance budget and aesthetic value!


syracuse hotels: palazzo salomone

Palazzo Salomone

€€ | 5 Star | Luxe Vibes | Extremely Attentive Staff

The pictures of Palazzo Salomone do NOT do it justice. While we didn’t stay here on our most recent trip, we did have the absolute pleasure of enjoying an exceptionally good tasting menu at the hotel’s restaurant, Cortile Spirito Santo. For a fraction of the cost of other 5-star accommodation in Ortigia, you can enjoy spacious and luxurious rooms, a terrace with hot tub, and of course, the hotel’s fabulous restaurant. I highly, highly recommend this place!


syracuse hotels: re federico boutique hotel

Re Federico Boutique Hotel

€€ | 4 Star | Aparthotel with Kitchenettes | Sunny Roof Terrace

This boutique hotel could not be better located for those looking to be able to take a quick dip in the sea right from Ortigia’s shores! After that, why not head to the roof terrace for an evening aperitivo while you watch the sun set over the distant hills. Rooms here are spacious, clean, and comfortable according to recent guests.


where to stay in ortigia: boutique palace

Ortigia Boutique Palace

€€ | 3 Star | Aparthotel with Kitchenettes |

If you’re looking for cozy vibes that mix modern comforts with historical architecture, this place will be the perfect home base for your stay in Syracuse. All rooms are full apartments, meaning you’ll have the option of making morning coffee for yourself or even cooking a quick lunch if you’re hoping to save money during your travels. Still, this place is affordable and well reviewed – especially when you compare it to many of the other hotel options in town. I would stay in one of these beautiful apartments in a heartbeat!


Best Syracuse Hotels: Budget

syracuse hotels: photo guest b&b

PhotoGuest B&B

| 4 Star | Ideal Location for Explorers | Simple & Clean Accommodation

This B&B offers the same location benefits of a few of the more expensive options above, being located in Santa Lucia just about 10 minutes walking from Ortigia. You’ll be able to get to the Neapolis Archaelogical Park or other destinations throughout the region more quickly and with less headache! Plus, recent guests loved the host, Giovanni, as well as the comfortable rooms.


syracuse hotels: maeco b&b

Maecò Ortigia B&B

| 4 Star | Perfect Location |

Located just steps from Piazza Duomo and from my favorite breakfast spot, Pasticceria Artale, inside a 14th century building, Maecò B&B is extremely well loved by guests who say that the classy furnishings and personal attention from the host make it the perfect base for a stay in Ortigia. Plus, the rooms are apparently pretty spacious as well.


Where to Stay in Syracuse: Holiday Home Rentals

where to stay in siracusa

Casa Siciliana alla Giudecca

€€ | Eclectic Design | Private Roof Terrace

If you plan to visit Ortigia with family or friends, this flat located right in the city center is an AMAZING find. We actually stayed in this apartment the last time we were in Syracuse and I cannot say enough about the amazing location in the center of the old town, on a beautiful windy street.

Beautifully decorated and sleeping up to 6 people in three bedrooms, the real highlight of this rental is the private roof terrace. There were two very spacious bathrooms and it definitely felt like we had plenty of space to spread out over the two levels of the apartment! The decor is carefully curated and interesting to look at as well, so if you’re someone who likes to feel inspired by your accommodation then this is definitely the place for you.


syracuse hotels: boudoir degli orti

Boudoir degli Orti

€€ | Historical Meets Modern | Comfy & Cozy

Located in Santa Lucia, just a 15-minute walk from Ortigia, this apartment has exceptional ratings from past guests who say the host, Sonia, met them at the flat to show them around. They rave about the comfortable bed, luxurious shower, and intentional furnishings that offer modern comforts and also complement the history of the building. It’s an excellent and affordable option for two guests!


syracuse hotels: ortigia riflessa

Ortigia Riflessa

€€ | Modern & Stylish | Seafront

For those after a more modern homestay, this apartment located a stone’s throw from Ortigia right along the seaside is the perfect option. With 2 bedrooms and 2 baths, it comfortable sleeps 4 people. Guests love the design of the space as well as their interactions with the friendly host!


syracuse hotels: il fuoco di archimede

Il Fuoco di Archimede

€€ | Central Location | Charming Vibes

This apartment is located just off of the main shopping street of Ortigia. It features 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, and perfectly blends mid-century furnishing with charmingly ancient stone walls. Guests adore the spaciousness of the unit as well as the well-stocked kitchen, and comfortable beds. A great find, for sure!


P.S. When you book using my links, you help support Rachel IRL at no extra cost to you. It’s a win-win!

Where in Syracuse will you stay?

I hope you feel as certain as I do that any one of these Syracuse hotels and holiday homes will make your stay comfortable and memorable! It’s so critical to have a home-away-from-home while traveling, and both Ortigia and the more modern part of Syracuse have nearly endless options to help you achieve just that.

While you’re planning, I suggest checking out some of my other great posts on how to visit Sicily below. It is really the destination that just keeps on giving, and I’m so excited for you to get to know my favorite part of Italy for yourself! Enjoy!

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where to stay in syracuse hotels and holiday home rentals
where to stay in syracuse hotels and holiday home rentals

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