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20 Amazing Hand-Picked Palermo Hotels for Every Budget

Palermo, Sicily has something for everyone, and the same is true for its beautiful independent hotel and apartment options! Read on for hand-picked recommendations of the best hotels and B&Bs in Palermo.

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If you’ve decided to visit Palermo in the near future, congratulations! You’ve made an excellent choice in destination. Sicily’s largest city is probably one of my favorite destinations in Europe.

If you’re not yet sure why I speak so highly of this city, go check out my full guide to Palermo and then come right back here so we can talk hotels and apartments. You’ll be glad you did—there are some amazing independent Palermo hotels ranging from modest B&Bs (still featuring amazing Sicilian hospitality of course!) to luxury urban oases.

I’ve handpicked 20 options for where to stay in Palermo, and I promise I would stay in any of them tomorrow. Check them out below!

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Delve into Sicily

Short on time? TL;DR:

If you’re booking your Palermo hotels last minute or just want a quick summary of where to stay in Palermo – look no further!

Here are the top Palermo hotels for any budget or requirement:

  1. Central Location & Refined Luxury: Palazzo Natoli Hotel
  2. Boutique Hotel in Trendy & Hip Location: Bastione Spasimo Boutique Hotel
  3. Bed & Breakfast: Sui Tetti di Balarm Boutique Rooms
  4. Budget Option: Sant’Andrea Luxury Rooms
  5. Aparthotel: Mag 179 Bed & Spa
  6. Apartment rental for couples: La Casa di Dante
  7. Apartment rental for groups: Cathedral View Apartment

Accommodation for Any Budget

When deciding where to stay in Palermo, you’ll have plenty of options at every possible budget from the most luxurious of hotels to simple but functional B&B rooms to amazing apartment rentals (for those who prefer a more independent or local experience).

I’ve tried to hand-pick properties and Palermo hotels within a nice variety of price points, so no matter what your budget this list will have something for you. Unlike more expensive areas of Sicily—think Syracuse or Taormina—Palermo really excels in the the mid-range category. There are some really nice options for where to stay in Palermo under $200/night, which is unheard of in many tourist destinations!

The ranges of each budget category in this article are as follows (all prices in USD):

  • €€€: $200+/night
  • €€: $125 to $200/night
  • €: Under $125/night

Keep in mind that prices fluctuate significantly between high and low seasons, but these ranges should be roughly accurate most of the time.

P.S. When you book using my links, you help support Rachel IRL at no extra cost to you. It’s a win-win!

Most asked questions about staying in Palermo

What part of Palermo is best to stay in?

Although Palermo is really a huge city, most of the things to do in Palermo are located within the old town, so the best part of Palermo to stay in is one of the four old town quadrants of Monte di Pietà, Castellammare, Albergheria, and Kalsa.

We stayed in Castellammare and loved it, but Monte di Pietà is also a very popular option and many hotels on this list are located there. Albergheria is definitely the most off-the-beaten-path option and Kalsa is an excellent area to hang out in but is currently facing a lot of gentrification which is definitely something to be aware of.

However, if navigating zipping motorcycles on narrow streets with little-to-no sidewalk and uneven cobblestones sounds like something you would rather not experience on your walk back to your hotel or accommodation each evening, a great alternative option for where to stay in Palermo is Politeama. This area is part of the new city and is still walking distance (about 15 minutes or less) to most attractions while at the same time giving you a bit more space from all the hustle and bustle.

Where not to stay in Palermo?

In my experience, it’s never very nice to stay too close to transport hubs in any big city as they tend to be a bit seedy. The same is true for Palermo, so I would avoid Palermo hotels and apartments in the neighborhoods of Oreto-Perez and Sant’Erasmo (near the central train station) and Borgho Vecchio (near the port).

Where to Stay in Palermo

Best Palermo Hotels: Luxury

where to stay in Palermo: Palazzo Natoli Boutique Hotel

Palazzo Natoli Boutique Hotel

€€€ | 4 Star | Sophisticated Retreat | Central Location

Located just off of Via Vittorio Emmanuele, the chic Palazzo Natoli Boutique Hotel is an oasis of calm just steps away from all of the most important things to do in Palermo. With decor that perfectly compliments the historic building the hotel occupies, the hotel offers balconies in most of its rooms where you’ll be able to have your morning cappuccino in style, just like the Italians do… sipping away as you nosily people watch the passersby below! Recent guests rave about the welcoming staff, cleanliness, and personal touches.


where to stay in palermo: casa nostra boutique hotel

Casa Nostra Boutique Hotel

€€€ | 4 Star | Calming Interiors | Trendy Vibe

Located right in the heart of Palermo’s old town—equidistant from the Cathedral, Teatro Massimo, and Capo market—Casa Nostra is the definition of an urban oasis. In addition to offering elegant, refined rooms, this hotel really draw you in with it’s picture-perfect pool terrace surrounded by climbing vines and stacked with comfy pillows, making it a perfect choice of where to stay in Palermo.


palermo hotels: palazzo del poeta

Palazzo del Poeta

€€€ | 4 Star | Luxurious Decor | Personal Touches

This luxe hotel, offering both rooms and apartments, occupies a beautiful old mansion right in the center of Palermo. Guests rave about the attentive hostess, Rosa, who built and owns the place herself—they especially love her breakfast!


Best Palermo Hotels: Boutique & Mid-Range

palermo hotels: Vossia Luxury Rooms

Vossia Luxury Rooms

€€ | 4 Star | Brand New for 2023 | Unique Blend of Modern & Historic

If I were you, I would jump at the chance to stay at this newly renovated property asap before it is all booked up! I don’t know if it’s just me, but places with elegant tile choices really get me and this hotel does not disappoint in that category. With carefully made design choices throughout incorporating clean lines, ancient beams, and luxe four-poster beds, Vossia Luxury Rooms will make you feel like royalty at a surprisingly reasonable nightly rate. Plus, it’s literally around the corner from one of my favorite restaurants in Palermo and just steps from the Cathedral and Via Vittorio Emanuele.


palermo hotels: Bastione Spasimo Boutique Hotel 1

Bastione Spasimo Boutique Hotel

€€ | 4 Star | Hip Location | Urban Oasis

Bastione Spasimo Boutique Hotel inhabits a historic 16th building that through the centuries has been used as a fort to defend Palermo, a spice warehouse, and a cart factory. The hotel itself boasts about its core aim of incorporating elegance while respecting the identity of the place, and past guests seem to agree that it compromises absolutely nothing to achieve this! Rooms featuring charming barrel vaulted ceilings, and the peaceful pool terrace will make you forget that you’re in the middle of Sicily’s largest city. With trendy and hip La Kalsa—featuring boutiques, restaurants, and nightlife—right outside the door of the property, you might struggle to decide where to spend the bulk of your time in Palermo.


palermo hotels: Sui Tetti di Balarm Boutique Rooms

Sui Tetti di Balarm Boutique Rooms

€€ | 4 Star | Impeccable Design | Small-Scale Luxury

Located in the heart of Albergheria, just a few steps from Quattro Canti and Ballarò market, Sui Tetti di Balarm is a tiny independent hotel featuring just 4 rooms—meaning it books up quickly! Two of the four feature private terraces with outdoor tubs, overlooking the gorgeous dome of Chiesa del Gesù. There are also three shared spaces available to all guests: a living room, kitchen, and communal terrace. If you’re into B&B vibes with a luxury twist, this hotel is a must-stay.


Where to stay in Palermo: Porta di Castro Boutique Hotel

Porta di Castro Boutique Hotel

€€ | 4 Star | Funky Decor | Exceptional Terraces

Porta di Castro Boutique Hotel is everything I want in a boutique hotel: funky and unique, yet refined and calm. Many rooms at this hotel have cozy private terraces teeming with plants, artistically tiled bathrooms, and charming wooden beams to remind you of the building’s history. Plus, it’s located just steps away from the Royal Palace, Villa Bonnano park, and the Ballarò market.


palermo hotels: Palazzo Planeta

Palazzo Planeta Aparthotel

€€ | 4 Star | Spacious Units | Home-y Decor

If the idea of navigating winding streets with hoards of motorcycles and very little space to scoot over every time you head back to your room doesn’t appeal to you, it’s very worth considering a stay in Politeama—part of the “new city” of Palermo. Palazzo Planeta Aparthotel is still located just a 15 minute walk from Quattro Canti, and it offers tastefully decorated apartments with a bit more space than you can expect from an average hotel room. Past guests love the high ceilings, updated decor, and cleanliness of the units.


palermo hotels: Il Giardino di Ballaro

Il Giardino di Ballarò Boutique B&B

€€ | 4 Star | Exquisite Shared Spaces (incl. Roof Terrace & Hot Tub

If the roof terrace and hot tub weren’t enough to entice you already, the charming decor of each of the 7 rooms at Il Giardino di Ballarò is sure to win you over. Housed in a 17th century stable, this B&B is cozy, friendly, and adorably plus—look at how soft that room looks! Plus, this place is steps away from Ballarò market, one of my favorites in Palermo.


Best Palermo Hotels: Budget

palermo hotels: SuperAttico Bella Bellu

SuperAttico Bella Bellù

| 3 Star | New City Penthouse | Chic Decor

Another option outside the hustle and bustle of the old city but still close enough to enjoy all it has to offer, SuperAttico Bella Bellù is a penthouse in the “new city” of Palermo—and it’s modern in all the right ways. Guests love the views, the staff, the cleanliness, the breakfast… and especially all that for the value the B&B offers!


palermo hotels: BaRock B&B

BaRock B&B

| 4 Star | Excellent Location | Standout Reviews

I can personally vouch for the great neighborhood BaRock B&B is located in, because I stayed right around the corner! It is super close to all of Palermo’s most important sites but also surrounded by excellent bars and restaurants. At the time of writing, this place has a rare 5.0 stars on Google and a 9.8 on—a serious achievement, especially for a value-conscious property. The edgy vibes of the decor might not be for all, but this B&B definitely has personality, and I’m here for it.


palermo hotels: Dante Suites

Dante Suites

| 3 Star | On Trend Design | Comfortable Beds

Palermo continues to knock it out of the park with super cheap, super cute accommodation options! Dante Suites is recently renovated with a careful eye for design, but that’s not all it has going for it. Recent guests rave about the memory foam mattresses, unexpected amenities for a property on the cheaper end, and the kind & helpful owner. This B&B is also in the new city, but as with other similar options on this list, easily walkable to the old town.


palermo hotels: Sant'Andrea Luxury Rooms

Sant’Andrea Luxury Rooms

| 4 Star | Happening Surroundings | Spacious Rooms

These rooms are more like mini studios located just off the main drag of Vucciria market in Castellammare. Another option garnering a surprising 5.0 on Google and 9.8 on at the time of writing, Sant’Andrea Luxury Rooms is the perfect option for anyone who enjoys a slightly more industrial design vibe or wants a bit more space to spread out.


palermo hotels: Residenze Chamur Grattacielo

Residenze Chamur Grattacielo

| 4 Star | 18th Floor Terrace | Traditional Hotel Vibes

Residenze Chamur Grattacielo is actually the only “chain” hotel to make my list… and it’s actually just a local chain! That also makes it the only high-rise hotel on the list, so if you like those vibes (which is super fair, because they can be very nice!) or want the opportunity to have evening drinks with a view high up over Palermo, this is the choice for you! Oh, and they have smart TVs, which is kind of a nice touch.


Where to Stay in Palermo: Apartment Rentals

palermo hotels: Case Natoli

Case Natoli

€€ | Baroque Opulence | Spacious Apartments

Case Natoli features 4 apartments spread across a huge 18th century palazzo just off of Via Vittorio Emanuele in central Palermo. If the parquet floors and ornate ceiling frescoes weren’t enough, the charming balconies and light-flooded rooms likely will be! Apartments range between 1 and 2 bedrooms, and accommodate up to 4 people each.


palermo hotels: Cathedral View Apartment

Cathedral View Apartment

€€ | Jaw-Dropping Views | Home-y Space

The Cathedral View Apartment, which is indeed located just across the street from Palermo’s gorgeous Arab-inspired Norman cathedral, books up EARLY—so be warned and snag this place as soon as you can! Accommodating up to 6 adults in 2 bedrooms and the sofa bed, this apartment’s finishes and furnishings are super high quality, especially for the area where it’s located.


palermo hotels: Mag 179 Bed & Spa

Mag 179 Bed & Spa

€€ | Recently Renovated | Historic Charm

The three apartments at Mag 179 Bed & Spa are located just at the end of Via Maqueda, making them perfectly located just at the end of Palermo’s old town. The furnishings are modern and attractive while still respecting the historic building, and what really makes this place stand out are its amenities! Guests have access to a spa and sauna, breakfast in their rooms, and can even arrange grocery delivery for a fee. It’s not everyday that an apartment rental comes with so many services too!


where to stay in Palermo: i balcony di San Domenico

I Balconi di San Domenico

| Piazza Views | 2 Bedrooms

I Balconi di San Domenico is located right in the neighborhood we stayed in, just on the edge of Vucciria market and overlooking the buzzing Piazza San Domenico. For being so central, this apartment strikes the perfect balance between tasteful decoration (let’s be honest, there are so many dreadful apartments available to rent when traveling these days!), location, and a very fair price.


palermo hotels: La Casa di Dante

La Casa di Dante

| Just Like Grandma’s House | Excellent Location

If there’s something comforting to you about staying in a house that feels truly lived in, La Casa di Dante is for you! This stunningly spacious apartment located steps away from Capo market is literally raved about by past guests. They compliment everything from its spacious interior, to the amazingly well stocked cupboards, to the host Domenico who is extremely accommodating and has even been known to collect guests from the train station himself!


palermo hotels: peonia boutique apartments 1

Peonia Boutique Apartments

€ | Amazing Amenities | Centrally Located

Rounding out my list with an excellent budget apartment option, Peonia Boutique Apartments offers you a whole lot for very little. Newly renovated and offering everything from kingsize beds to robes and slippers, you’ll feel like you’re living in the lap of luxury. The owner Stefania is the highlight of these apartments for recent guests, but they also can’t help mentioning just how close to all of the best things to do in Palermo this property is located.


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Decided where to stay in Palermo yet?

I hope this list of my 20 favorite Palermo hotels and apartment rentals has gotten you even more excited about your visit to Palermo! The way I see it, every option here is a winner.

If you stay at any of the properties listed above, please reach out and let me know how your experience was. I am 100% committed to only recommending the best Palermo hotels and the best places to stay in any destination, period.

And while you’re planning, check out the rest of my articles on Sicily to make sure you leave no stone unturned in your quest to have the perfect Sicilian adventure. I’ve been all over the island and have lots of tips and recommendations to help you out!!

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