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Krakow Shopping: 19 Best Thrift, Vintage & Independent Shops

Embark on a unique shopping adventure in Krakow with a curated list of thrifting, vintage, and antique gems. I’m sharing my favorite stops for a little bit of Krakow shopping from Kazimierz to Stare Podgórze to the Old Town. Don’t miss the bustling Plac Targowy Flea Market for Sunday finds or Lucky Vintage, tucked away in Podgórze. Krakow’s vibrant, affordable shopping scene awaits, promising one-of-a-kind souvenirs and a thrift-lover’s delight. Happy thrifting!

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, thrifting and vintage shopping is an elite traveling activity. 

I feel like thrifting gives you a glimpse at another culture in a way that high-street stores can’t. They’re almost like living museums, letting you comb through pieces that belonged to people in that city. Plus, it makes a pretty perfect souvenir when you find an amazing thrifted, vintage, or antique piece while traveling because it’s essentially one of a kind!

The Krakow shopping scene was a bit of a surprise compared to what I expected! I arrived to Krakow after spending some time in Warsaw, where the thrifting & vintage was a bit hard to come by, so I didn’t have exceptionally high hopes for Krakow shopping. But boy was I wrong!

The last time I was in Krakow I spent an entire day hopping from thrift store to thrift store, not to mention finding some serious gems at the local markets as well! Also, Krakow has a ton of cool independent shops, and it’s equally cool to explore and support local designers and makers.

krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

Plus, shopping in Krakow Poland is relatively inexpensive compared to other popular European cities!

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Delve into Poland

A Note on How to Use This List

In this list, I’ve mentioned what neighborhood each Krakow shopping option is in, and I’ve also linked to Google Maps for all of these shops because that’s my ride or die app when travel planning, and I wanted to make things easy for you. (BTW, don’t forget to read more about my ride or die travel resources).

I’ve organized this list to go through second-hand, vintage, and antique shops first, then independent shops, and then markets.

krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

You’ll notice that the main concentration for a lot of the vintage shopping in Krakow is Kazimierz, but I’m going to let you in on my own little insider tip, which is that I personally think that Stare Podgorze is where you’ll find the best Krakow vintage stores! Keep scrolling to see what I mean.

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Thrift Stores in Krakow

1. Flaming Vintage Shop

I would say that this definitely leans more towards second-hand shop, with a mix of vintage. When I was here last I found some very cool 80’s shorts to buy, and we found a ton of cute things to try on as well.

Also, it was pretty dead when we were there, so we got full range of the shop, which I always love. I’d say they had a good range of all kinds of items, not too heavy on any one thing, which I appreciated.

📍 Kazimierz

krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

2. Flyin’ Vintage

Flyin’ Vintage has two Krakow locations, both in the Old Town and just outside of Kazimierz. The vibe of these Krakow thrift stores is very “trendy”—think LED and neon lights. There were defintiely some pieces here that fall more in the second-hand category than the vintage category, but I felt like the selection of vintage and reworked items was quite good.

When we last visited the Stradom location Daniel got a very cool, vintage scalloped-collar button up shirt. I think it’s definitely worth visiting.

📍 Stradom (my preferred location) & Old Town

Vintage Shopping in Krakow, and Krakow Antique Shops

krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets
krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

3. Pavilon Vintage Classics

Another one of the Krakow vintage shops in Krakow Old Town, Pavilon Vintage Classics has a super spacious location tucked away in a courtyard off ul. Stradomska. They have one of the most carefully curated selections of vintage clothing that I saw in Krakow vintage shops.

The selection spans the 30s to 80s, including dresses, western shirts, costume jewelry, jackets, and handbags. They also do some reproduction pieces using vintage fabrics. Tragically I didn’t find anything that fit me here, but I think about returning regularly.

📍 Old Town (follow signs to BroPub, and then keep going back)

4. Obcy w Mojej Szafie

Obcy w Mojej Szafie, which I believe translates to “The Alien in my Closet,” is one of the many reasons you’d want to venture south into Stare Podgórze. Not only is the owner super kind and always willing to have a friendly chat about the clothes and answer any questions you might have, but the selection is one of the best curated in Krakow, in my opinion.

It’s a fairly small space, but that ends up not mattering very much since the selection is so high quality and well selected. Most if not all the items here are vintage, and some are reworked to give them new life. In fact, the shop also holds events sometimes about repairing clothes to make them last longer! I love that this particular shop really walks the walk, and appreciates vintage clothing for what it is.

📍 Stare Podgórze

krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

5. TOiOWO Jewelry

Another Kazimierz gem, except this one specializes in all things that shine! TOiOWO is dedicated specifically to vintage jewelry, which is one of my favorite types of vintage shops.

I find that the jewelry selection at normal vintage stores is often lacking, so I love to pop in here and check out the options. The prices are super reasonable, and the staff is super nice, so definitely be sure to check it out.

📍 Kazimierz

6. Bohema Vintage

Another gem in Stare Podgorze is Bohema Vintage, an incredible boutique with a perfect selection and great vibe. The stock is super impressive, and always in great condition. The owners are really kind and helpful when you’re shopping, and one look at their website tells you that they really know their stuff. Notably, they also put a real emphasis on the environmental impact of shopping second-hand, which I always appreciate.

The whole store is filled with true vintage, each item is on average about 20 years old, so you know you aren’t finding like, untagged, reworked Zara in here. They also clean all the items before they hit the floor, so you don’t have to worry about that!

📍 Stare Podgórze

krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets
krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

7. Lucky Vintage

Lucky Vintage is the main Krakow vintage shop on this list that has lived in my head rent free since I discovered it last summer. It seems like they’ve moved locations since I was last there, but I would travel far and wide to get to visit this shop again, to be honest.

The vibe of the shop is so retro cool, and the pieces are amazing. I definitely saw a few fast fashion labels, but they seemed higher quality than just the average piece, and besides, the vintage items she had totally made up for the addition of the fast fashion.

In particular there was the coolest pair of vintage, beaded shoes that I tried with all my might to fit my feet into, and every day I mourn that they didn’t fit. Hopefully you’ll fare better than I did!!

📍 Stare Podgórze

8. Pevex Vintage

Pevex Vintage in Kazimierz definitely had one of the best curated shop floors of all the vintage shops I visited in Krakow.

The shop is a bit small, just one little room, but they definitely make use of the space. So many unique pieces that are incredible quality.

Don’t come here if you’re looking for a bargain, the prices are fair, but the items are high quality, so expect to pay for it!

📍 Kazimierz

9. Vintage Shop

Vintage Shop in Krakow Old Town is filled with gems. They’re another boutique that chooses to not showcase any second-hand items, instead preferring to keep the floor stocked with true vintage items that are chosen for their quality and uniqueness.

I especially appreciate that every piece is one-of-a-kind. Also, the woman who runs this store is so kind and helpful. The vibe of the shop is cute and cozy, and I love popping in here when I’m in Krakow.

📍 Old Town

krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

10. Inspiro Vintage Shop

INSPIRO is a little unassuming at first glance, just off a side street in Kazimierz, but as you head inside you realize what a true gem it is. There are actually two locations, right next to each other, one for men’s clothing and one for women’s.

This Krakow vintage shop offers true vintage, all at a super high quality. They also sell some of their own made items! This is not where I’d recommend going if you’re looking for a bargain, but I do think they charge a super fair price for their products.

📍 Kazimierz

11. Szpje

Szpje is a small boutique conveniently located in Kazimierz that specializes in vintage Polish design and antiques from the communist era.

If you (like me) love 60s, 70s, 80s, and communist era antiques and design, this Krakow vintage shop is going to be really fun for you.

It’s a treasure trove of retro furniture, pottery, glassware, toys, records, hi-fi, posters and books.

There’s also a second location at the Nowa Huta Museum.

things to do in krakow like vintage shop in kazimierz krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

📍 Kazimierz

12. Rzeczy Minione Tomasz Woźniak

Just five minutes from the imposing Wawel Castle is Rzeczy Minione Tomasz Woźniak, one of the best antique shops in Krakow, and according to them, the largest!

Something I appreciate about this shop is that they boast that all of their items are sourced from Krakow residents, which make them more than just a shop, but also a Museum of Krakow Life. This is a great place to look around for anyone, even if you aren’t necessarily in the market for shopping! The staff is also super nice, which is a bonus.

📍 Stradom

krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

13. Antyki z pasją Marek Kruczek

Antyki z pasją Marek Kruczek is a tiny little shop on the edge of Kazimierz. I’d say that this is best suited to anyone looking for glassware, especially porcelain.

The staff is friendly—the organize regular porcelain and coffee meet ups—and the prices are fair. Definitely worth popping in.

📍 Kazimierz

🛍️ Need a guide to help you navigate all this Krakow shopping? 🛍️

Independent Shops in Krakow

krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets
krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

14. IDEA Fix

IDEA Fix is not a vintage shop, but it does share a space with Pavilon Vintage Classics. The Krakow gift shop revolves around the idea of promoting young Polish artists, designers, and trendsetters in fashion, art and music.

It’s a pretty cool concept store, and I recommend it for anyone looking for a unique gift (for themselves or someone else), or anyone wanting to support local makers and designers with their Krakow shopping!

📍 Old Town (follow signs to BroPub, and then keep going back)

15. Niebieska Kropka Boleslawiec Pottery

krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

I was first introduced to Bolesławiec pottery in 2018 in Warsaw, and I became a little bit addicted to it! This particular kind of pottery comes from the small town of Bolesławiec, and is known for its hand-painted and hand-stamped patterns.

The pieces are usually quite durable and sturdy, and they have a ton of different kinds of items. I have a spoon rest, a tray, and a butter dish from them, all in different styles/patterns.

The Niebieska Kropka shop in Krakow carries many of the traditional patterns, as well as unique ones that aren’t as easy to find elsewhere.

This is a great place to get a unique souvenir or gift for anyone!

📍 Stradom

16. Massolit Books & Café

Massolit Books & Café is one the best English-language bookstore in Eastern Europe, and it’s made even better by doubling as a cafe. They specialize in Polish, East European, and Jewish literature in English, though they offer a wide selection of other topics too.

This is the perfect place to visit to buy some books to accompany you on your trip! One of my favorite things to do when traveling is to read a book set in the place I’m visiting, and it’s even better if I can buy the book while I’m there!

📍 Nowy Świat

17. Kraków Story

Kraków Story can be found insider the Wyspiański Pavilion in Old Town.

It’s a two-floor concept store that features a well curated collection of locally crafted products from Kraków artisans and makers.

You can expect to find anything from honey, to clothing, to jewelry to homewares in this Krakow gift shop.

This is another great option for anyone looking for a unique and unexpected souvenir from Krakow.

krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

📍 Old Town

Krakow Markets

things to do in krakow: krakow markets krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

18. Plac Targowy Flea Market

Hala Targowa is a bustling market every day of the week, but it turns into an incredible flea market on Sundays. You can find records, antiques, communist and war memorabilia, and even clothes.

Honestly, if you’re looking for something, you’ll probably find it here. Show up early to get the best selection of stock, and don’t be afraid to negotiate (but always be respectful, and don’t offer insultingly low amounts!).

📍 Grzegórzki Zachód

Plac nowy market in Krakow krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

19. Plac Nowy

If you’re spending any time in Kazimierz at all, you’ll definitely find yourself in and around Plac Nowy. This square, notable for the large rotunda in the center, is definitely one of the main hubs of Kazimierz. At night you’ll find people lining up for the food stalls that make up the rotunda stands, but in the day is when I’m personally more interested.

All around the square you’ll see merchant stalls selling their wares, but Friday, Saturday and Sunday are the big days. On Fridays you could treat yourself to a particularly interesting sight, as there’s often a pigeon and small creature fair in the mornings. Talk about a unique experience! Then, on Saturdays you can wander the antique market, and on Sundays you’ll find the clothing market. Definitely worth checking out!

📍 Kazimierz

FAQs About Krakow Shopping

What is the trendy part of Krakow?

When considering the trendiest part of Krakow, one main neighborhood comes to mind. Kazimierz, the old Jewish area of Krakow, is widely considered to be the trendiest, and most worth your time as a visitor. 

I generally agree with that sentiment! I stayed in Kazimierz the last time I was in Krakow, and I really loved the vibe. A lot of cool Krakow second hand shops (including a ton on this list), bars, and restaurants are in this neighborhood, and I think anyone looking for a trendy area to hang out will enjoy themselves. 

Are stores closed in Poland on Sunday?

The long and short of it is yes, most shops are closed on Sundays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do anything at all! Markets are always open on Sundays, and it’s usually the best day to visit a market, actually.

Defintely check online before heading out to do anything on Sunday in Poland, because even the things that are open might have reduced hours.

krakow shopping vintage thrift store antique shop markets

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Are you feeling inspired and ready to thrift?

Thrifting and vintage shopping really is one of my absolute favorite ways to explore a new place. I hope that this list has helped you plan out your thrifting and vintage hunting while you’re doing your Krakow shopping. Think of it as your own personal Krakow hipster guide.

As per usual, feel free to leave me a comment if I missed anything or if you’ve tried and loved these recs! You can also find me on Instagram (tag me in your vintage finds!) and in my newsletter. Happy thrifting!

🇵🇱 Don’t forget to check out my other posts about Krakow and the rest of Poland!

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krakow shopping - vintage thrifting second hand antiques and markets
krakow shopping - vintage thrifting second hand antiques and markets

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