Best Hotels in Krakow: PURO Kraków Stare Miasto

15 Best Affordable Boutique Hotels in Krakow, Poland

Discover Krakow’s endless charm with my curated list of 15 budget-friendly and stylish accommodations. After visiting this city multiple times, I’ve come to appreciate the excellent vibes the city exudes, and these boutique gems, elegant 5-star stunners, and adorable aparthotels will ensure you enjoy a trendy stay without breaking the bank. Explore Krakow in comfort and style with my top picks for every budget and taste.

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Chances are, if you’re planning a trip to Krakow, Poland, you know a good vibe when you see one. After all, Krakow is well known these days to be one of Europe’s last true hipster holdouts.

And despite the artsy reputation, the wonderful thing about hotels in Krakow (and the rest of Poland, tbh) is that even those of us in pursuit of a laid back, authentic experience exploring the city’s history, cafes, beer gardens, and vintage shops on a budget can afford to stay in some pretty comfy digs.

Exactly as I’ve said about the best hotels in Warsaw, Krakow’s best hotels are cheap, cheap, cheap. Not to mention, they’re pretty luxurious on the whole, too.

This post covers 15 of the very best luxury hotels in Krakow Poland, including the trendiest independent boutique hotels in Krakow, 5 star stunners, and Krakow aparthotels and apartment rentals that will save you quite a bit of money without compromising comfort and cute decor!

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Delve into Poland

Short on time? TL;DR:

For those with limited time to find accommodation in Krakow—whether you’re visiting shortly or just want the highlights—here’s what you need to know.

My choice of Krakow hotels for any budget or requirement:

  1. Absolute Favorite: Warszauer Hotel
  2. Trendy & Near Central Station: PURO Kraków Stare Miasto
  3. Luxury: H15 Luxury Palace
  4. Unique Location on the River: New Port Hotel na Wiśle
  5. Apartment: Angelus Apartments

How My Budget Tiers Work

Krakow is a city that offers a wide range of accommodation options to suit every budget. Whether you’re looking for luxurious hotels or cozy vacation rentals, you’re in luck!

What sets Krakow apart from other destinations is not only the undeniable charm of its best hotels across all budget tiers, but also the fact that it’s a relatively compact city.

Unlike some places where on-trend design and comfort require you to spend a fortune or stay way outside the city center, Krakow ensures that captivating vibes can be experienced—within walking distance of all the major sights and coolest areas—by everyone, even those conscious of their budget.

In this handpicked collection, I’ve gathered gems from every neighborhood and budget range in Krakow. Trust me, I have high standards, so if a place didn’t meet my criteria, it didn’t make the cut!

Whether you’re a budget traveler, a bargain hunter, or someone in search of the cutest boutique hotels in Krakow, this list will be your ultimate guide. Take a look and discover the best hotels Krakow has to offer, including luxurious options that cater to all your needs.

And just to keep things real, here’s the breakdown of budget categories, all in USD:

  • Budget – $: Under $125/night
  • Mid-Range – $$: $125 to $175/night
  • Luxury – $$$: $175+/night

Of course, prices will fluctuate between summer and Christmastime (the high seasons) and the rest of the year, but not as much as in other cities, and these ranges should be roughly accurate most of the time.

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The Sweet Spot: Trendy & Affordable 4 Star Hotels in Krakow

To be honest, my advice is to skip the true luxury hotels in Krakow (which often feel like they were designed with your parents in mind) in favor of what I think are way trendier and vibe-y anyway: boutique hotels in Krakow that almost never creep above $175/night.

Don’t worry, you’ll still find some swoon-worthy five star hotels in Krakow in the next section, but I’m starting with my mid-tier options because they’re the ones that truly have me on the verge of packing my bags for a last-minute trip!

Warszauer Hotel in Kazimierz

Warszauer Hotel

$$ | 4 Star | Heart of Kazimierz | Intimate & Effortlessly Cool

I stayed at the Warszauer Hotel on my most recent visit to Krakow, but don’t take my word for it—just click through to look at the pics and you’ll fall in love yourself! This place couldn’t be better located, but on top of that it’s a true boutique hotel: only a handful of rooms, cooked to order breakfast is included in the rate, and the design has a truly unique point of view. Oh, and don’t forget the complimentary Diptyque toiletries!


PURO Kraków Stare Miasto hotel right across from Krakow Central Station

PURO Kraków Stare Miasto

$$ | 4 Star | Opposite Central Station | Whimsically Chic

Coming from a Poland-specific hotel chain aimed at design-conscious younger travelers, PURO Stare Miasto does not disappoint. Aside from the extremely convenient location literally steps away from the main train station, this hotel leans into the mix of retro and contemporary vibes that defines the rest of the city. I’m obsessed with the light filled rooms on the upper floors!


PURO Kraków Kazimierz

PURO Kraków Kazimierz

$$ | 4 Star | Kazimierz | Minimal yet On-Trend

The PURO Kazimierz brings a slightly different vibe than its sister above, but it is equally cool! Offering a slightly less maximalist take on modern design, this hotel is also notable for its cozy heated patio, full spa menu with 80 minute massages around $90 USD, and free guided walking tours.


Garamond a Tribute Portfolio Hotel in Krakow Poland

Garamond Hotel

$$ | 4 Star | Old Town | Moody Sophistication

Occupying a 1938 building that once housed the editorial office of Poland’s most popular newspaper, the Garamond pays perfect homage to its history. With lots of gold and jewel tones reminiscent of the Art Deco vibes of yesteryear, this Krakow boutique hotel seals the deal with spacious rooms and a fine dining restaurant serving up high-class takes on Polish stapes.


New Port - Hotel na Wisle in Podgorze

New Port Hotel na Wiśle

$$ | 4 Star | Podgórze | Unique Floating Hideaway

The New Port Hotel is without a doubt one of Krakow’s best hotels for adventurous travelers or those looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of tourists or midnight revelers after a long day exploring Krakow. Consisting of six barges floating on the Vistula River, all of the 31 units offer swoon-worthy views of the water and Kazimierz on the opposite bank, and most even have waterfront patios!


Aparthotel Stare Miasto in Kraków

Aparthotel Stare Miasto

$$ | 4 Star | Old Town | Cozy yet Spacious

The Aparthotel Stare Miasto offers an ideal mix of hotel amenities and the comforts of a full on apartment rental. Each unit is serviced daily (i.e. your bed will be made for you!) but you’ll also have a kitchenette, TV, and air conditioning. Plus, this place is a 1-minute walk from Krakow’s famed Market Square and as far as design, I mean, just look at this parquet floors!


Feniks Fragola Apartments in the Old Town of Krakow

Feniks Fragola Apartments

$$ | 3 Star | Old Town | Stunning Views of Market Square

Slightly beating out the previous list entry, Feniks Fragola Apartments literally overlook the Market Square itself. Occupying a historic (and very cool looking!) building, most of these apartments offer gorgeous terraces and/or jacuzzis, along with high ceilings, elegant furniture, and modern appliances.


True Luxury: 5 Star Hotels in Krakow that Won’t Break the Bank

Although Krakow’s best five star hotels are definitely extra, who doesn’t want to indulge in extra vibes some of the time?!

I’m including four of my favorite five star Krakow hotels that I would stay in, perhaps if I was traveling for a special occasion or with my parents. There’s no doubt you’ll have an excellent stay (with top notch service) at these properties!

Hotel H15 Luxury Palace in Krakow Old Town

Hotel H15 Luxury Palace

$$$ | 5 Star | Old Town | Refined Old World Splendor

Expanding through the historic halls of a real 16th century palace (created by joining several existing townhouses), the design of H15 Palace seamlessly integrates the building’s history with modern amenities and design elements. Don’t forget to book your spa, sauna, and and restaurant reservations—all on site!


lobby of the luxurious Hotel Pod Różą

Hotel Pod Roza

$$$ | 5 Star | Old Town | Storied Past, Quiet Elegance

What is it with 16th century palaces becoming 5 star hotels in Krakow?! The Hotel Pod Roza was the home of an Italian noble who established Poland’s first post office, and it’s been welcoming esteemed guests (including Tsar Alexander I of Russia) since the 17th century. Aside from the history though, this place is just classy—with luxurious decor choices, an upscale restaurant, and full spa.


Hotel Stary, luxury 5 star hotel in krakow old town

Hotel Stary

$$$ | 5 Star | Old Town | Grandiose Homage to the Past

Under the same ownership as the entry above, Hotel Stary on the other hand transforms an old Krakow tenement building into modern elegance. In fact, this hotel won a prestigious Parisian interior design away for hotels, and I have to co-sign that—the way they maintain the texture of the original walls and blend it with modern decor is *chef’s kiss*!


Stradom House luxury hotel in Krakow

Stradom House

$$$ | 5 Star | Old Town | All Frills Grandeur

Thankfully, when Marriott took over Stradom House they made a commitment to link the “new life of the building” to its past. And the hard work shows! Showcasing heritage artisanship everywhere from the in-room upholstery to the custom lighting of the hotel bar, this property is absolutely stunning. This is no holds barred luxury, and honestly… I’m sort of here for it.


Where to Stay in Krakow Under $125/Night

If you’re visiting Krakow on a budget, no need to fear you’ll be left out of the trendy vibes offered at the other budget tiers. These Krakow aparthotels and short-stay apartment rentals are just as comfy and cozy as their more expensive counterparts, and they’re also just as centrally located.

Angelus Apartments, trendy accommodation in Krakow old town

Angelus Apartments

$ | 3 Star | Old Town | Top Notch Design & Location

My #1 pick for saving money without sacrificing an iota of style is booking a stay at Angelus Apartments. There are only four units available, so book in advance—but if you can snag one, you’ll get a comfortable space complete with on-trend decor, coffee-marker and kitchenette, and even a record player! My hot tip? Keep an eye out for the one unit that features a balcony!


Apartament Golden Place in bohemian Kazimierz, Krakow

Apartament Golden Place

$ | 3 Star | Kazimierz | Spacious & Tastefully Decorated

This apartment is one of only two properties on this list in the heart of Kazimierz (my favorite neighborhood in Krakow). Not only is this place beautifully decorated, but it’s bathed in natural light from two sides and is one of the most spacious options on the whole list.


The Bridge Suites in Podgorze Krakow

The Bridge Suites

$ | 3 Star | Podgórze | Industrial Chic in Historic Neighborhood

Located right across the Vistula River from Kazimierz, this property is one of my favorite Krakow aparthotels on this list. Not only are the rooms spacious and clean, but some offer exquisite river views for extremely cheap. Stay here if you’re interested in exploring Krakow off-the-beaten-track!


Relaks Apartamenty, Old Town apartments in Krakow

Relaks Apartamenty

$ | 3 Star | Edge of Old Town | Excellent Garden

Relaks Apartamenty is a family-owned property located just outside the Old Town itself (to the north), and in addition to the impeccable vintage decor and spacious apartments, the real crown jewel of this place is the tenement courtyard garden / cafe, where you can enjoy a full breakfast buffet in the summer!


FAQs about Where to Stay in Krakow

What is the best area to stay in Krakow?

The best area to stay in Krakow depends on your own priorities!

If you’re not staying for long, are looking for more traditional luxury hotels in Krakow, or simply want to prioritize convenience and waking up to beautiful quintessential European architecture, the Old Town (Stare Miasto) will be perfect due to its central location and historical charm.

If you want to stay somewhere hip, where you can easily pop out for coffee in the morning or find a laid back beer garden in the evening (with plenty of vintage shopping in between), you’ll want to choose Kazimierz, the old Jewish neighborhood and bohemian center of the city full of some of the best boutique hotels in Krakow.

Where not to stay in Krakow?

I don’t recommend staying in any neighborhoods other than the Old Town, Kazimierz, or Podgórze (an up-and-coming area just across the river; where Schindler’s factory and the Jewish Ghetto monument are located).

It’s not that anywhere else in Krakow is dangerous or particularly undesirable—it’s just that the best things to do in Krakow are pretty concentrated in the city center, so you’ll have a needlessly long commute if you stay anywhere else!

Is it better to stay in the Old Town in Krakow?

This is entirely up to you! Staying in the Old Town in Krakow is an excellent option if you want to prioritize the main sights, or if you enjoy convenience and traditional charm.

However, if you’re a traveler who wants to find the coolest neighborhood where you’ll be able to brush shoulders with locals and catch the true vibe of the city, I recommend choosing Kazimierz or Podgórze instead!

P.S. When you book using my links, you help support Rachel IRL at no extra cost to you. It’s a win-win!

Have you decided where to stay in Krakow yet?

I hope you’ve had as much fun perusing my favorite Krakow boutique hotels as I had curating them for you!

I assume, if you made it this far, you’re deep in the midst of planning a Poland trip—so don’t forget to check out my full list of Poland posts.

As always you can always find me on Instagram (tag me in your travel content!), Youtube, or Pinterest.

Happy traveling!

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