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Best Time to Visit Amsterdam & Weather By Month

Planning your trip to Amsterdam? Choosing the right time to visit can be daunting. From budget-friendly winters to sunny summers and tulip-filled springs, I’ve got the lowdown on the best time to visit Amsterdam. Dive into this guide to navigate Amsterdam’s weather, festivals, and unique experiences each month offers. Get ready to embark on your Dutch adventure!

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One of the preliminary stressful components of planning a trip to anywhere is deciding which time of year you should go. With 12 months in the year to choose from, it can be hard to know which one works best with your priorities and needs! If this is currently stressing you out, you’re in the right place. 

I’ve been to Amsterdam plenty of times, during all the different seasons, and I’m here to make sure you know everything there is to know about the best time to visit Amsterdam!

Whether you’re looking to save money, have good weather, see the tulips, or have a cozy time, I’ve got you covered.

Keep scrolling to read all the most important info about the best time to visit Amsterdam, Amsterdam weather by month, and the best time of year to visit Amsterdam!

Delve into the Netherlands

Fast Facts About the Best Time of Year to Visit Amsterdam

What is the cheapest time of year to go to Amsterdam?

Like much of Europe, the cheapest time of year to go to Amsterdam is in the winter, especially between November and March. During these months you’ll have the best luck finding hotels and flights at cheaper prices than the high season and better weather months. 

Of course, this typically comes at the expense of nice weather. If you’re happy to have a winter retreat though, this could be perfect for you! A good balance would be trying for late October or early April, which might yield slightly better weather but still at better prices than the high seasons.

amsterdam canal houses in the summer

What month is weather good in Amsterdam?

If you’re looking to get the best weather on your trip to Amsterdam, you should definitely aim to visit in the summer months! June, July and August are your best bets in terms of sunny, warm weather in the Dutch capital.

The nice thing about Amsterdam is that it isn’t typically overwhelmingly hot, with the hottest month, Amsterdam in July, usually hitting an average high of 70°F (21°C)—the perfect temperature to enjoy the city and explore to the fullest.

the best time to visit amsterdam
Amsterdam’s Museumplein in the summer

What is the rainiest month in Amsterdam?

Typically, November and December are the rainiest months in Amsterdam. Skies will be cloudy for a majority of days and rainfall is likely for about 17 days out of each month, on average.

On the one hand, these months will be cheaper to travel during because of the worse weather, so if that’s your main priority, perhaps it’s worth making do with the rain! The Netherlands is a traditionally rainy place anyway, so maybe you could think of it as getting an authentic experience!

What’s the coldest month in Amsterdam?

January and February are the months where temperatures get the coldest in Amsterdam, with average temperatures of about 40°F (4°C). Unfortunately, Amsterdam doesn’t get a ton of snow in December or January, so that isn’t an added perk to the cold.

Personally, I would skip January in Amsterdam, unless you really love a cold weather, cozy trip and avoiding crowds at all costs.

What is the driest month in Amsterdam?

This may come as a shock, given the old adage “April showers bring May flowers”, but April is actually the driest month in Amsterdam.

April has an average 7 days out of the month where you can expect rain, less than any other month. Amsterdam in June is the next best option with only 8-9 rainy days expected on average. So these months might be the best time to visit Amsterdam if you’re trying to avoid being rained out.

Amsterdam's charming canals on a crisp sunny day in February
Amsterdam’s charming canals on a crisp sunny day in February

What month do tulips bloom in Amsterdam?

If you want to know the best time to visit tulips in Amsterdam, you should plan your visit from mid-April to mid-May.

It’s quite a short window to catch them in all their glory, but they’re a stunning sight to see, so it may be worth your while if that’s an important activity for you!

What is the best month to go to Amsterdam?

Personally, I feel that April is the best month to visit Amsterdam. It’s not too cold but also not too hot, you have the least chance of being rained on, and if you plan your trip for the second half of the month you’ll catch the tulips.

Of course, if cost is a concern of yours, April may not be the best month for you, and you should opt for the winter months instead.

What is a good time of year to visit Amsterdam?

The best time of year to visit Amsterdam depends entirely on your preference and what you want to get out of your trip. If you want to stretch your budget, visiting between November and March is ideal.

If you’re aiming for the best time to visit tulips in Amsterdam, I recommend late April or early May. And if you want the best weather, April, June, July, or August is your best bet.

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Best time to visit Amsterdam

January: Ring in the New Year

January is definitely one of the coldest months of the year in Amsterdam, with average temperatures around 40°F / 4°C during the day. It also sees some of the shortest days of the year, with sunrise around 8:30 AM and sunset around 4:45 PM. You may get lucky and get some snow, but more likely you’ll see rain.

On the upside, January is the best time to visit Amsterdam if you want to avoid the crowds, save some money, and enjoy a cozy Dutch start to the new year! Amsterdam has so many amazing museums in the city (check out my Amsterdam museum guide), which is the perfect cold weather activity! Not to mention, the many cozy restaurants and cozy cafes are perfect for spending time in to warm up.

If you’re brave, you could even partake in a New Year’s Day tradition, where thousands of Amsterdammers dive into the canals! Also, National Tulip Day, the official launch of the tulip season, is held every year on the third Saturday of January. You can see Amsterdam’s Dam Square filled with over 100,000 tulips. Ideal for those looking for the best time to visit tulips in Amsterdam, who don’t want to visit in the high season in April!

me in february in amsterdam, one of the best times to visit amsterdam
Me, bundled up in Amsterdam in February

February: Enjoy a Romantic City Break

On one hand, February historically has the lowest temperatures on average in Amsterdam, but on the other hand, it’s also one of the less rainy months, with only an 11 days on average of rain to be expected. 

That being said, it can often be overcast anyway, and you won’t have a ton of daylight with the shorter winter days. Given the low temperatures, you may be able to experience the magic of ice skating on the canals, but it’s not guaranteed as they need to be frozen for a period of time before deemed safe to skate on.

Of course you could also make a romantic Valentine’s Day out of a February trip to Amsterdam. With cheaper prices for flights and hotels, generally in February, and far fewer tourists to contend with, the cozy winter atmosphere could be a cute couples getaway.

March: Seize the Last Chance for Off-Season Deals

March marks the first signs of spring in Amsterdam. You can expect to see slightly longer days and more sunshine than January and February. 

That being said, it can be quite a rainy month, with rain expected for at least 50% of the month. This is another time that the abundance of museums comes in handy though! 

March is the last month before the high season starts, so it’s the perfect middle ground of still taking advantage of good prices and fewer tourists, and trying to get some more sun.

me in amsterdam in April - amsterdam weather by month
Me at Museumplein in April – clearly enjoying the weather!

April: Welcome Spring with King’s Day & Tulips

April is the spring shoulder season in Amsterdam. You can expect things to be getting busier and pricier, but it’s certainly going to be less crowded and expensive than it would be in May onwards.

April is the start of spring in Amsterdam, and by the middle of the month you can start seeing the tulips at the Keukenhof Tulip Gardens. April is also a great time to visit Amsterdam because it’s a fairly dry month. It’s not particularly warm, with an average temperature in the mid-50s°F (10-15°C), but it is a sunny month. 

If you’re there in April you may also catch the annual King’s Day celebration, which is one of the biggest and most famous holidays in the Netherlands. The streets will be filled with thousands of people dressed in orange partying, drinking, and also—in the most Dutch way—having “garage/rummage sale” type set-ups in front of their homes.

It’s worth checking to see if your trip dates coincide with King’s Day or not, as you’ll definitely want to plan around it. For some, King’s Day is an opportunity to be immersed in Dutch culture to the fullest, and others will want to avoid the throngs of people and choose one of the museums that will be open on the holiday, or another pre-planned activity of that sort.

May: Bask in the Early Summer Sun

The first half of May is still a great time to see the famous tulips, and unlike April, you may get a bit warmer weather, with averages in the high 50s°F and low 60s°F (~15°C) to be expected. 

You can also expect more sun and longer days, which is a nice treat. There are not too many rainy days to be seen in May, making it an ideal month for weather in Amsterdam.

However, it’s also the beginning of high season, so you can definitely expect to see more tourists than in months earlier in the year. You can expect more lines, more crowds, and a harder time finding places that you won’t need a reservation for. Of course, this also means more expensive flights and hotels, but sometimes this is worth it for the nice weather. 

enjoying the heat in amsterdam in June
Enjoying the heat in Amsterdam in June

June: Stay Out All Day with Late, Late Sunsets

Amsterdam in June is a great option to visit the city because it kind of toes the line between spring and summer. June is a drier month of the year, and the temperatures are beginning to rise to summer temperatures. You can expect an average daily temperature of high 60s°F (~20°C), and generally lovely weather.

Because it’s the high season and the weather is great, Amsterdam in June is also a great month to catch plenty of festivals, markets and other outdoor events in Amsterdam. It’s also a great month to do boat tours, because it’s warm but not scorching. June also has some incredibly long days, with the sun setting around 10pm—one of my favorite parts of summer in Amsterdam.

Prices are definitely going to be steeper in Amsterdam in June, but that’s to be expected.

July: Celebrate Summer with Endless Markets & Festivals 

Amsterdam in July marks the peak of summer, with almost perfect weather, long days, and lots of festivals and markets all month long. It’s also peak tourist season, so you can expect to see some crowds. I definitely recommend booking tickets for any experiences or museums well in advance. 

You can expect high 60s°F to low 70s°F (20-22°C) for weather on average, though it’s not unheard of for things to get even hotter (especially with climate change). It can be a bit humid, so I recommend trying to stay hydrated!

Amsterdam in July is also the perfect time to have some lovely outdoor dinners—so book your terrace reservations in advance! You’ll even see locals bringing tables and chairs out in front of their homes to have dinner next to the canals, which is such a charming aspect of the city!

summer in amsterdam
Summer in amsterdam

August: Make the Most of Summer’s End

The end of the summer season in Amsterdam, August is a great late summer retreat. It’s pretty much the last month of the year that you can expect to take advantage of all the amazing outdoor activities, festivals and markets that run for the summer, as most of them close in September. 

Amsterdam itself may be a bit quieter in August, as most of Europe goes on holiday during this month, meaning lots of Amsterdammers will be away. However, you may not really feel the absence because it’s still packed with tourists from other European countries, not to mention the rest of the world. August might be a good time to visit during the weekdays, so you can at least avoid the weekend city-break crowds.

Definitely book ahead for any museums and restaurants in August, and prepare for a potential mix of weather, from mid-low 60s°F to low 80s°F (15-25°C), and occasional rain, but not too frequent.

September: Get Active & Save Money 

September gives you the perfect temperate weather to enjoy long walks and bike rides through Amsterdam without getting too warm, which arguably makes it one of the most desirable months to visit. September is the fall shoulder season in Amsterdam, so it won’t be as crowded as the months prior, but it also won’t be dead yet.

September also sees slightly lower prices for flights and hotels than the height of summer months, so it’s a good middle ground option to get the best of both worlds. The one downside to September is it is one of the wetter months, with an average of 17 days seeing some rain, and it has a tendency to be a bit overcast.

September also usually has a lot of festivals and events going on in the city, so it can be a fun month to be engaged in the cultural side of Amsterdam.

amsterdam in the autumn / fall -the best time to visit amsterdam
amsterdam in the fall

October: Stroll Autumnal Canals with Fewer Tourists 

October is the best month to visit Amsterdam if you want to experience a typical fall. The leaves typically begin to change at the end of September, and carry on through October, when the weather starts to get colder too. You can expect to see weather in the 50s°F (10-15°C) on average in October, not too much rain, and shorter days as you get closer to winter, with the sun setting around 7:30pm.

You’ll see fewer tourists in October than prior months, so it will be much easier to get a table at restaurants you want to eat at, and tickets to any museums you want to go to. You can also celebrate Halloween in Amsterdam if you visit in October, which is a fun and unique thing to do for your trip.

November: Cozy Up with Classic Dutch Gezelligheid

November is when the cold days really start to be consistent, with the average daily temperature sitting in the high 40s°F (~8°C). It won’t be overly rainy in November, but you can expect most days to be overcast, and the sun sets before 5pm. However, this means you have plenty of days to enjoy the cozy early winter atmosphere, especially in the run up to December, as the city gets prepared for Christmas. 

November will once again offer the opportunity to visit Amsterdam without many crowds of other tourists, and the prices of hotels and flights should be a bit lower than the months before.

amsterdam in the winter - amsterdam weather by month
Amsterdam in the winter

December: Slow Down for the Holidays

December is the best time to visit Amsterdam to experience a quintessential Dutch Christmas. Snow isn’t particularly common in the city, but there are occasionally snow days in December, which just adds to the Christmas energy.

There are also Christmas markets throughout the city in December, which is a super fun way to spend your days. You can also enjoy New Year’s Eve in Amsterdam if you plan to visit at the end of the month.

The downsides to December are of course the cold weather and continued shorter days (although the winter solstice is also in December). Also, unlike many of the cold months in Amsterdam, December doesn’t really benefit from the lower prices due to the increase in travel in December due to Christmas. However, you’ll probably see way fewer tourists in the city. So it’s a give and take.

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Ready to plan a trip to Amsterdam?

I hope this guide has been useful in helping you figure out what the best time to visit Amsterdam is for you.

Whether you’re prioritizing budget travel and going in the colder months, or prioritizing the weather and heading there for the high season, Amsterdam is going to be amazing. There’s not really a bad time to be there to be honest.

If this post was helpful to you, be sure to save it for later, and if you’re ready to keep planning your trip to the Netherlands, check out the Dutch archives! And if you want more Amsterdam content, click here!

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Happy traveling!

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