14 Excellent Thrift Stores in The Hague, Netherlands

The Hague may be small, but it packs a punch in terms of excellent thrifting! After spending two weeks in The Hague (and thrifting almost every day), I feel confident saying I discovered just about every vintage store and charity shop in this thrift lover’s paradise. Read on for a list of the best thrift stores in The Hague to check out on your next visit!

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As you might be able to tell from the abundance of posts dedicated to thrift store roundups on my blog, I believe that thrifting and vintage shopping is an elite way to spend your time while traveling. 

The thrift stores in The Hague were a total shock to me. I try to only do full post roundups about thrift stores for major cities, but every so often somewhere surprises me, and The Hague definitely ended up deserving a full post! I spent two weeks in The Hague, and almost every day I was there I visited at least one thrift shop, so I feel pretty good recommending these to you!

So what makes The Hague thrift stores so great? 

For one, because The Hague is smaller than Amsterdam, they’re a bit less crowded, which means they’ll also usually be less picked through, and therefore easier to find a gem inside.

Also, it’s easier to make a full day of it! Because The Hague is so small, you can visit most of these shops on foot and not even have to walk that far.

In this list, I’ve linked to Google Maps for all of the shops because that’s my ride or die app when travel planning, and I wanted to make things easy for you. (BTW, read more about my ride or die travel resources here.)

Delve into the Netherlands

My Favorite Thrift Stores in The Hague

The first part of this list are all the thrift stores I loved the most, and the thrift stores I would make a point to visit if I went back to The Hague. Below this section I’ve included some other notable shops that I enjoyed but didn’t have quite as much luck at!

thrift store interior in The Hague

1. ZUSJES Vintage Boetiek

ZUSJES Vintage Boetiek was super close to our apartment, so it was one of the first thrift stores in The Hague that I happened upon. They always had the cutest vintage clothes, as well as a selection of homeware and furniture. The women working there were so friendly and even helped me pick some stuff out! Considering the quality and the perfect vibes, the prices are really good too.

📍 Boekhorststraat

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2. Episode

No trip to the Netherlands is complete without a trip to an Episode vintage shop! This well-known thrift store chain offers an impressive and wide range of high-quality pieces from leather jackets, colorful 90s dresses, tennis shoes, and men’s shirts at reasonable prices. 

I have a soft spot for Episode because their stock is always high quality, they stay on trend, and they’re not overpriced. You’ll also find some reworked pieces here, which is fun.

📍 Molenstraat 

someone shopping at a thrift store close up on a rack

3. Vintage Island

Vintage Island is super affordable and well located to be the perfect after-museum activity for your day trip to The Hague. The staff is great and the curation is on point. Not to mention the general atmosphere of the store was super welcoming and it felt nice to shop here. I was super tempted by all the cowboy boots, but ultimately settled on a slip skirt.

📍 Korte Poten

4. Kilo Kilo

I’m not usually a huge fan of the kiloshop concept, but every so often there’s an exception. 

(For anyone unaware, kiloshops are fairly common around Europe. The way it works is that each item has a colored tag on it, the tag corresponds to a price per kilo, and you have to weigh your items at checkout.)

Anyway, this Kiloshop was an exception! I thought that it was well curated and well-priced, and unlike so many kiloshops it didn’t feel stuffed to the brim with racks. It’s near Vintage Island, so it’s easy to hit these two together. They have a great selection of jeans!

📍 Lange Poten 

5. Second Best Selected Treasures 

I would come back to this sweet vintage shop in The Hague for the sweet staff alone! The woman working here was so nice and offered advice to help me find things that would suit me. When I visited there was a great selection of vintage dresses and shoes, and the jewelry was also so fun to look through. Great prices too!

📍 Korte Molenstraat 

the hague thrift store vintage aisle

6. Kringloop Den Haag

This one is more of a classic charity shop rather than a thrift or vintage shop, but it’s also one of the ones I had the best luck at. Unlike a lot of charity shops this was spacious and well organized and didn’t give me a headache to search through.

I found a few cute dresses here for cheap, but they were normal brands like ASOS (which is fine for me, but just worth noting!) This one is also great because it’s on one of my favorite streets in The Hague.

📍 Piet Heinstraat 


Love love LOVE this concept! SWAPS is a second-hand clothing store that has a great selection in a great location. The real draw, however, is the concept of the swaps.

You can bring in clothes you no longer like to wear and swap them for credit towards other items! I found the shop to be a great place to browse and the shop owner was so friendly!

📍 Vondelstraat

man shopping at thrift store in the hague

8. ReShare Store

The ReShare Store was definitely a favorite of mine while I was in The Hague. It’s well sized, clean, organized and even has seating areas—which is great if you’re shopping with friends and need to wait for someone to finish up!

The clothes you’ll find here lean more second-hand than vintage, but there are still vintage options interspersed in the stock. I found a great 80s skirt here actually! Prices are decent and the staff was great!

📍 Paviljoensgracht 

9. Vintage Factory

I stopped into Vintage Factory so many times while I was in The Hague because it’s right next to one of my favourite cafes in The Hague!

They had a great overall selection, but I would especially recommend checking them out if you’re in the market for a high quality pair of cowboy boots, or a nice jacket. They also have nice vinyls and even coffee!

📍 Noordeinde 

Even More The Hague Thrift Stores

close up of vintage clothing at a thrift shop

10. Evy’s

The only reason that Evy’s has been placed down here rather than up top is that I never personally found anything here, and I found them to be a bit pricey for what I normally go for. However, I found so many cute pieces that, had they been my size, I may have splurged for.

Evy’s is best for those who don’t want to do a lot of picking through pieces—the curation is really good here, and you’ll find only top quality pieces and brands, and for those who don’t mind having to spend a bit more than the average thrift stores in The Hague.

📍 Pr. Mariestraat


SPOOKY & SUE was tragically closed when we tried to visit, so unless I visit The Hague again, I don’t think I’ll get to see this one for myself. However, I decided to keep it on the list for a few reasons.

First of all, it’s very frequently recommended. Second, it has great reviews. And finally, it’s very out of the center, so I imagine it would not be too picked through, and it gives you a great excuse to explore a lesser visited neighborhood!

📍 Conradkade 

close up of man thrifting in the hague

12. Secondhand Rose

Secondhand Rose is best suited to anyone looking for something designer, or otherwise really high quality. They specialize in high quality pieces of vintage and second hand clothing.

The wall of shoes was especially impressive and I was honestly gutted that nothing was in my size. It’s also really close to Evy’s, so perfect for a joint visit. 

📍 Mauritskade 

13. Schroeder Kringloop Torenstraat

This is another location of the same Kringloop charity shop on Piet Heinstraat, but it’s on the second half of this list because I found it way more overwhelming than the other location.

I didn’t find anything for myself here, but it did have some nice pieces! Not to mention, it’s still much more affordable than the traditional thrift or vintage shop in The Hague on this list, so I wanted to include it!

📍 Torenstraat 

someone shopping at a thrift store close up on a rack of jackets in the

14. Achtung! Lady

Achtung! Lady almost feels more like a boutique than a vintage shop, but it’s just that well curated. The shop is super chic and looks just like a normal shop, and honestly the quality of the items there give the same effect! I found that most of the items ran very small, which was a bummer for me—but it was still lovely.

Prices are maybe a bit more than other things on the list, but the quality and brands are better too. Worth noting that they only offer women’s clothes, although I believe there’s also an Achtung! Baby nearby.

📍 Prins Hendrikstraat 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is The Hague good for shopping?

Yes! Even not accounting for the abundance of thrifting and vintage store options in The Hague, there are tons of great shopping options in this coastal city! Particularly the area between Paleistuin Park and the Binnenhof is filled with little boutiques and shops.

Plus, just south of that neighborhood on Grote Marktstraat is a major shopping area with shops like H&M and UNIQLO. If you want to read more about things to do in The Hague, you can check out my post, or my day trip itinerary!

P.S. When you book using my links, you help support Rachel IRL at no extra cost to you. It’s a win-win!

Are you ready to explore the thrift stores in The Hague?

Thrifting and vintage shopping really is one of my top ways to explore a new city. I hope that this guide has helped you plan out your thrifting and vintage route while you’re in The Hague. 

While you’re at it, The Hague is one of the absolute BEST museum destinations in the Netherlands, so I highly recommend fitting in 1-2 museums to your The Hague day trip itinerary. Lucky for you, I have an entire guide to the best museums in The Hague you can explore, as well a more general guide to all my favorite things to do in The Hague!

As per usual, feel free to leave me a comment if I missed anything or if you’ve tried and loved these recs! If you’re not done planning your trip to the Netherlands yet, check out my Dutch archives so you can have the best trip possible!

You can also find me on Instagram (tag me in your vintage finds!) and in my newsletter. Happy thrifting!

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the best thrift and vintage shops in the hague, netherlands
the best thrift and vintage shops in the hague, netherlands

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