coffee and pastry from friedhats fuku cafe in amsterdam west, one of my favorite amsterdam cafes

20 Best Amsterdam Cafes to Have Coffee & Brunch Like a Local

Explore Amsterdam’s vibrant cafe scene with this comprehensive guide. Coffee lovers will find a treasure trove of specialty coffee shops and charming cafes. From the cozy De Koffieschenkerij in a converted church to Black Gold Amsterdam, where indie vinyl and coffee harmonize, each spot exudes its unique character. Whether you seek a strong espresso or a leisurely breakfast, my guide promises an unforgettable caffeine-filled time in Amsterdam. Enjoy Amsterdam’s best coffee and brunch gems!

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Helloooo and welcome to my comprehensive roundup of all the best Amsterdam cafes. 

Coffee is, in my opinion, an integral part of any travel itinerary. 

Not only is it a great, and relatively cheap, way to explore different areas and businesses, but it’s also key to keeping your energy levels high while you run around the city during your trip.

Having visited Amsterdam more than a handful of times now, I have consumed more than my fair share of excellent (and not so excellent) coffees in almost every neighborhood of Amsterdam.

I have also fallen in love with Amsterdam’s cafe snack / pastry culture. There are some seriously delicious pastries to be had at—let’s be honest—most of the cafes and brunch places on this list.

My goal here is to ensure you are well-equipped to never be without quality caffeine while you have the best time in Amsterdam! So, let’s begin!

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Delve into the Netherlands

How to use this guide:

I’ve organized this list into two main categories:

  • Cafes that are primarily for coffee (and maybe a few pastries)
  • Cafes that double as a great breakfast or brunch restaurants

I’ve also linked every Amsterdam cafe option to Google Maps, so you can save them on your own maps. 

(Google Maps is my ride or die while traveling. Check out this post about my essential travel resources to see why, and to learn about my other ride or die travel websites, apps, and services.)

So now that you’ve got the lay of the land, I hope you’re ready to plan your coffee stops in Amsterdam! Start scrolling to get all my top handpicked coffee spots!

two coffee cups with espresso drinks in them and some plants in the foreground representing an amsterdam cafe

👇🏼 Hold up! A must-read clarification before we get started 👇🏼

What is the difference between a coffeeshop and a café in Amsterdam?

This is, admittedly, one of the more confusing aspects of traveling to Amsterdam, but don’t worry, it isn’t too hard to navigate. 

Most of us know coffee shops to mean a place that primarily sells coffee, and perhaps a few pastries or teas. 

However, in the Netherlands, and especially in Amsterdam, a coffeeshop (always one word) is the term used to refer to the shops where you can somewhat legally buy—and sometimes consume—weed in various forms.

If you’re looking for a place to have coffee and maybe a pastry or breakfast/brunch, then you’re looking for a cafe.

 “Cafe” can also end up being a bit of an umbrella term for places that serve alcoholic drinks and light snacks too. 

Even if you did manage to mess up and wind up at a coffeeshop when you wanted a cafe, you’d know pretty much immediately. The smell and bouncer at the door should be enough to tip you off, and you can course correct from there—no big deal!

For a lot of you who already default to “cafe” when looking for coffee, I’m sure this won’t make a difference at all. For me, for some reason, I default to “coffee shop” almost every time, which admittedly does lead to some confusion. So do what I say, not what I do!!!

tote bag from amsterdam cafe in jordaan

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The Best Amsterdam Cafes

My Favorite Actual Coffee Shops Serving Specialty Coffee in Amsterdam

These places are the ones that most accurately fall under the (confusing and, in Amsterdam, technically incorrect) label of “coffee shop”.

To avoid confusion I’ll be calling these Amsterdam coffee hot spots “specialty coffee shops.” These are the places you’ll want to go if you’re looking for a good, strong, and well dialed espresso drink. 

Most, if not all of them, will also have some pretty delicious pastries if you’re feeling peckish. These are not the spots you’ll want to hit if you’re wanting a full meal, jump to the next section if that’s what you’re after.

I’ve organized this list by neighborhood, working from the center, traveling outwards in a bit of a circle, and I’ve linked to every single Amsterdam coffee spot on Google Maps for your convenience. Let’s get into it!

1. De Koffieschenkerij

flat white or latte and a pour over coffee on a cafe table

De Koffieschenkerij is a charming and cozy specialty coffee spot that sits within a converted church compound from 1517. It has a warm wooden interior that honestly screams “sit here with a book and lose track of time!” 

What I loved most about this spot is that it’s a total reprieve from the busy central area it’s located in. Whether you’re in the courtyard, the attic or the main space, De Koffieschenkerji has perfect chill vibes. I highly recommend trying the apple pie! 


2. Black Gold Amsterdam

Black Gold Amsterdam is a dream come true for anyone who loves music almost as much as they love coffee, or maybe vice versa. 

This cafe bills itself as an indie vinyl and specialty coffee haven, and I couldn’t agree more. The coffee I had here was definitely in the top tier in Amsterdam, and it was fun to enjoy it while listening to some really good music and looking at the vinyls. 

Despite being in the center it feels a bit tucked away and a nice reprieve from the hustle and bustle.


3. Bocca Coffee

Bocca has been a main player in the specialty coffee game since 2001, but I was drawn to them because of their fair trade and sustainable business practices! 

Bocca maintains strong connections with their farmers and ensures fair compensation at all points of the coffee journey, which I appreciate greatly.

I found Bocca to be a total treat. The atmosphere was bright and spacious, and the baristas were friendly and super helpful in discussing the coffee options. I absolutely loved the flat white that I tried and Daniel really loved the V60 he had.


4. Back to Black

sleeping cat at back to black coffee shop / cafe in amsterdam, de pijp

I was actually brought to the De Pijp location of this Amsterdam cafe by a friend of mine who lives in Amsterdam, and I’m so glad because otherwise I may have never stumbled upon it!

Aside from being woman-owned, and having an unbelievably cute cat that lives inside the cafe, the coffee was also amazing. My friend got the chai and I had a flat white (as I always do)! I was super impressed by both!

I tragically didn’t get to try the apple pie, but it looked insanely good. The interior of the space feels super homey, and the cafe fills up fast, so if you spot a seat I’d grab it quickly! Keep an eye out for the outrageously cute ginger cat!

📍Centrum/De Pijp Border (my preferred location) & Westerpark

5. Screaming Beans

Nestled in the historic Nine Streets area, Screaming Beans offers a cozy, homey vibe and exceptional specialty coffee.

The friendly baristas and calming interior are such a nice contrast to the otherwise bustling street.

I really enjoyed the carrot cake, but the flat white was definitely the stand out.

📍9 Streets; Centrum Amstelstraat & Centrum Utrechtsestraat

6. Luuk’s Coffee

Seeking a cozy coffee spot for a quick cup in the Jordaan? Your search ends here.

Luuk’s is conveniently close to the canal, and just across from Centrum. It’s a perfect coffee shop for takeaway cups or a quick rest stop before you keep on with your busy day exploring the city.

There are a few seats inside, but personally I preferred sitting on the bench outside, because it can feel a bit crowded inside. I didn’t get a chance to try the pastries, but the coffee was of course amazing.


7. LOT61

LOT61 coffee shop / amsterdam cafe in oud-west

LOT61 is the first specialty coffee I tried in Amsterdam years ago, and its appeal has lasted all this time. 

They occupy a cute little shop on a corner in Oud-West and are driven by sustainable business practices as well as a clear emphasis on quality.

LOT61 is probably one of the most popular and well-known cafes in Amsterdam, so don’t be surprised if you catch a line out the door. But don’t worry, it won’t last too long, they’re pretty quick.

I recommend trying the carrot cake and eating outside by the canal.


8. Five Ways Coffee Roasters

Five Ways Coffee Roasters offers charm and exceptional drinks from their cute little shop in Oud-West. 

On my most recent visit to Amsterdam this summer, I was really taken by the expansive space and the really delicious pastries. I thought the coffee was reasonably priced for Amsterdam, especially for such a nice space. 

The staff here is super friendly and the upper deck seating area is perfect for decompressing after a long day. Ideal for people watching too! 

📍Oud-West (my preferred location) & Oost

9. Cafecito

Cafecito is the real deal, and their location in Oud-Zuid is perfect for a pick-me-up after you’ve spent some time at the nearby museums.

This Amsterdam cafe has a very minimalist feel to it, and their pastries are super fancy and cool looking. It’s very much giving trendy and hipster energy, in a good way, considering that the quality completely delivers. The baristas know what they’re doing, and are super invested in making sure everything they serve is impeccably done. I loved it here.

📍Oud-West; Oud- Zuid (my preferred location) & Zuid

10. Coffee District Willemsparkweg

white espresso machine at coffee district amsterdam cafe

Coffee District Willemsparkweg is such a cute little space in Oud-Zuid, and honestly, it might be one of my favorites Amsterdam cafes on this list. 

The pastries were so yummy. I loved the cinnamon bun and the chocolate chip cookie, and I seriously regret not trying the cruffin. 

There’s not really seating, but honestly that didn’t bother me, and if it’s nice weather I recommend just taking your coffee and pastries to Museumplein and enjoying your goods in the grass.


11. LOCALS Specialty Coffee

LOCALS is an outpost of the brunch restaurant with the same name, but at this minimalist De Pijp space it’s just coffee (and incredible pastries). 

The cake I tried was so good, and the amount of icing on it was insane (in a good way). I wish I’d tried the strawberry matcha because I saw so many people getting it after I had ordered. 

But either way, my flat white was perfection.

📍De Pijp

12. Liev Coffee & Pastry

Okay listen. The coffee is good, the location is great, the baristas are nice and the space is cozy but this specialty coffee shop makes my list for one reason only: the cinnamon bun.

Like, it was so good you guys and now I’m depressed remembering it because I can’t have one from London! 

Also, they have smoothies which is a major win for me because sometimes you need a little fruit in the morning!

📍De Pijp

13. Friedhats FUKU Cafe

coffee and pastry from friedhats fuku cafe in amsterdam west

Friedhats FUKU Cafe is admittedly pretty off the beaten path for most tourists, but I think it’s a must visit for anyone who’s serious about their coffee.

And, if you happen to book last minute or budget, and are staying in Sloterdijk, you’ll probably find yourself taking Tram 19 right past this cafe every morning on your way into the center. 

Plus, it’s not too far from Westerpark, so anyone else can combine those two in their itinerary. 

Not only is this cafe super trendy, with a nice outdoor space, the coffee was spectacular. Also, the chocolate croissant I had here was within the top five chocolate croissants I’ve ever had, like, in my entire life probably. And trust me, I’ve had a lot.


14. YUSU

YUSU cafe in Oost caught my eye because of the stunning plants outside, and then kept my attention with its unreal looking desserts and pastries and the idyllic garden out back.

I don’t even know how to recommend what you should try because it would feel criminal to recommend one thing over another. I personally had one of the fancy croissants, and Daniel tried the fig cheesecake. Both heavenly. 

The coffee was good too, but let’s be real—the snacks stole the show.


Best Amsterdam Breakfast Places & Cafes Serving Breakfast & Brunch

breakfast dish at amsterdam brunch restaurant

If you’re looking for an excellent place to get breakfast in Amsterdam—but don’t want to sacrifice the quality of your coffee—look no further!

I’ve tried not to include any cafes that lean more “restaurant”, because I’ll cover those in my Amsterdam food guide, so these are much more casual and definitely still concentrate heavily on the coffee!

15. Drupa Coffee Roasters

Drupa Coffee Roasters is such a cute little Amsterdam breakfast place in the Jordaan. We split the pancake stack and were super impressed.

The service was great and we loved that this spot was so central but felt like it was still tucked away from all the tourist hustle and bustle.


16. Toki

The flat white at Toki was so good and I’ve honestly been kicking myself ever since we left Amsterdam and I didn’t get to try their scrambled eggs. They looked so good but I wasn’t hungry at the time and I’ll maybe never regret anything more.

The shop is so cute and minimalist and it’s situated up above the Jordaan, just over from Westerpark in one of my favorite, more local-feeling areas of Amsterdam. 

📍Between Jordaan & Westerpark

17. Sango

Sango is toeing the line a bit between specialty coffee shop and cafe—but I tried to keep the specialty coffee section of this list free of any place that served anything beyond pastries, so here we are. 

Sango has some seriously good coffee, and they roast their own beans. The shop is located just at the top of the Jordaan, making it likely you’ll be in the area at least a few times during your visit.

The food on offer is definitely lighter fare—think paninis and yogurt bowls. I can’t personally speak to any of these dishes because I just tried the coffee, but honestly that was well worth the visit anyway.


18. Monks Coffee Roasters

brunch table

We stumbled upon this Amsterdam brunch place by accident—but as you probably know, those are sometimes the best finds!

The brunch tacos were pretty good, as were the pancakes, and the coffee was perfection—they roast their own beans! There are also lots of pastry options if you’re wanting grab and go options.

This is not the biggest space to have brunch in Amsterdam, but there were tables available when we came. Location is great too—right in between the Jordaan, Oud-West and Westerpark, three of my favorite Amsterdam neighborhoods.


19. Koffie Academie

Koffie Academie in Oud-West is located so close to Vondelpark that it almost feels like a crime to not get a coffee and sandwich to take to the park and enjoy.

And of course that’s exactly what we did! Well, sans sandwich—but still.

This is yet another Amsterdam breakfast restaurant that also roasts their own beans and the quality is noticeable. It’s also a great place to bring your laptop and get some work done if you’re on a working holiday like I always am.


20. Scandinavian Embassy

Scandinavian Embassy in De Pijp doesn’t have the biggest menu, but you can still get a nice meal here, and they serve food all day—which isn’t all that common as far as other Amsterdam cafes go.

We weren’t super starving when we came here, so we opted for a flat white for me, a cortado for Daniel, as well as a cinnamon bun and the bread and cheese plate.

We enjoyed everything a lot, and the location on the corner of Sarphatipark is an added bonus.

📍De Pijp

Bonus: Winkel 43

things to do in delft from amsterdam day trip

Winkel 43 is a fairly well known Amsterdam cafe in the Jordaan. They’re famous for their apple cake, which is of course what we’ve gotten any time we’ve come here.

I’ll admit, unlike the rest of the options on this list, they’re not exactly known for their coffee. Don’t get me wrong, it was good, but it’s no specialty coffee place! 

I just couldn’t not include Winkel 43 because it is something of an Amsterdam institution. 

Winkel 43 also has lunch options and a wide alcohol menu. They’re open until 1am, so this place kind of doubles as a bar too! Definitely recommend stopping by here at some point during your stay.


Does Amsterdam have good coffee?

Yes! Amsterdam coffee culture is alive and well, and you can find tons of impressive coffee to try during your stay in Amsterdam.

In all honesty, Amsterdam has some of the best coffee on average of many of the cities I’ve visited in Europe. They seriously know what they’re doing. 

If you’re a coffee lover, Amsterdam’s cafes will definitely not let you down.

P.S. When you book using my links, you help support Rachel IRL at no extra cost to you. It’s a win-win!

Craving coffee yet?!

I don’t know about you, but personally I’m wanting coffee so badly now. I hope this post was helpful to you and that you’ll be able to take full advantage of it during your travels.

As always, feel free to leave a comment if you have any questions or if you think I missed something. You can also always find me on Instagram. 

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