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Where to Stay in Noto – 10 Excellent Hotels

For such a small city, Noto has no shortage of amazing places to stay! Whether you’re looking for luxury or travelling on a budget, here’s where to stay in Noto – Sicily’s Baroque gem.

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If you’re looking for a Baroque getaway to Noto in Sicily, White Lotus-style, then you’ve come to the right place!

While the palazzo that Daphne and Harper visit in the White Lotus is actually a property in Palermo, there’s still an array of gorgeous accommodation options that will make answering the question of where to stay in Noto very difficult. In fact, we struggled with the decision ourselves! We just couldn’t whether to stay in Noto itself for convenience and vibes, or at a larger agriturismo property just outside Noto that had a pool and on-site restaurant. (Read on to see where we ended up!)

If you’re still deciding whether you even want to stay in Noto, I recommend heading over to my guide Things To Do in Noto, Sicily first to get a sense of what makes this small Baroque city such an attractive home base for your visit to southeastern Sicily. If you’re still considering other options, you can also take a look at my guide 12 of the Best Places to Visit in Sicily.

If you’ve settled on Noto, though, the rest of this list is for you! Let’s go find out about the very best Noto hotels.

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Delve into Sicily

Short on time? TL;DR:

If you’re booking your Noto hotels last minute or just want a quick summary of where to stay in Noto – look no further!

Here are the top Noto hotels for any budget or requirement:

  1. Luxury: Q92
  2. Boutique: Gagliardi Boutique Hotel
  3. Mid-Range: Hotel Villa Favorita
  4. Bed & Breakfast: B&B Novecento Siciliano
  5. Family friendly: Albergo La Fontanella
  6. Holiday rental: Umberto Apartment

Accommodation for Any Budget

When deciding where to stay in Noto, you’ll have plenty of options at every possible budget from the most luxurious of hotels to simple but functional B&B rooms to amazing vacation rentals (for those who prefer a more independent or local experience). I’ve tried to hand-pick properties and hotels within a nice variety of price points, so no matter what your budget this list will have something for you.

The ranges of each budget category in this article are as follows (all prices in USD):

  • €€€: $200+/night
  • €€: $100 to $200/night
  • €: Under $100/night

Keep in mind that prices fluctuate significantly between high and low seasons, but these ranges should be roughly accurate most of the time.

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Most asked questions about staying in Noto

Is Noto Sicily worth visiting?

Noto is absolutely worth visiting whether you’re a lover of historic architecture, getting out into nature, or even if you just want a good home base to explore more of southern Sicily.

If you’re trying to decide if Noto is a worthy stop on your Sicily itinerary, check out my guide Things To Do in Noto, Sicily.

Which part of Sicily is the best to stay?

If you’re visiting southeastern Sicily (pretty much anywhere south of Catania), then Noto is the perfect home base for your trip.

Noto is a 30 minute drive from Siracusa, 30 minutes from Marzamemi and Isole delle Correnti to the south, 40 minutes from Modica and Ragusa, and only 1 hour from Catania. You couldnt ask for a more central location in this region to enjoy all that it has to offer!

What is Noto Sicily known for?

Noto is probably most well known for its well-preserved Baroque architecture and beautiful churches. The historic center of Noto is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is often referred to as the “stone garden” because the amount of Baroque buildings that are made of local stone. It’s truly a stunning sight to see as you walk around the center. One of the most famous Baroque buildings in Noto is the Cathedral of San Nicolò.

Sicilian cuisine is also very easily found in Noto. It’s especially known for its sweet pastries and traditional desserts such as the “Cassata Siciliana” and “Cannoli Siciliani”. But of course if you want to stick the the basics, you’ll have no trouble finding a million gelato spots, or alternatively, granita from Caffè Sicilia is always a good idea.

Which hotels are the best ones to stay at in Noto?

One of the most well known and loved options for where to stay in Noto is Q92 Noto Hotel – a gorgeous combination of Baroque and modern design located right in the center of the city. If you’re looking for a bit more space to spread out and enjoy the Sicilian countryside, Hotel Villa Favorita is a top agriturismo.

Keep reading for my complete list of recommendations for the best Noto hotels!

The 10 Best Noto, Sicily Hotels (& Vrbos!)

Best Noto Hotels: Luxury & Boutique

where to stay in noto: q92 boutique hotel


€€€ | 4 Star | Meticulous Design | Opulent

We almost decided to splurge on this hotel in Noto before deciding instead to spend that money to stay at Asmundo di Gisira in Catania. Although I was extremely happy with our choice, I am still DYING to stay at Q92 Noto. Just look at that Baroque ceiling (and click through to see how amazing the bathrooms are). Plus, with a plunge pool and breakfast terrace overlooking Noto’s Cathedral of San Nicolò, how could this place get any more luxurious?!

Photo: Booking.com

where to stay in noto: gagliardi boutique hotel

Gagliardi Boutique Hotel

€€€ | 4 Star | Prime Location | Rooftop Terrace

If you’re looking for something a little bit cheaper but just as central and with just as great of a view from the rooftop terrace, Gagliardi is for you. The extremely spacious rooms have an amazing Sicilian charm and guests rave about the staff. I’m sold!

Photo: Booking.com

where to stay in noto: hotel simon bolivar

Hotel Simon Bolivar

€€€ | 4 Star | Spacious Rooms | Sleek & Modern

A short 10-minute walk from the city center, this recently renovated and super sleek hotel is just as comfy as the other luxury options. The short distance also means better parking and quieter streets at nighttime – perfect for early birds!

Photo: Booking.com

Best Noto, Sicily Hotels: Mid-Range

where to stay in noto: hotel villa favorita

Hotel Villa Favorita

€€ | 4 Star | Historic Property | Luxury Amenities

We stayed at Villa Favorita and I cannot recommend it highly enough! There is an amazing pool area with views over Noto, a delicious restaurant where we ended up eating dinner several nights, a spa, and gorgeous gardens to explore. The property felt like an oasis and we really enjoyed the huge bathroom in our room as well. I would stay again in a heartbeat.

Photo: Booking.com

where to stay in noto: hotel ports reale

Hotel Porta Reale

€€ | 4 Star | Gorgeous Views | Prime Location

This hotel mixes modern design and amenities with a historic building and the result is *chef’s kiss*! Located just at the beautiful arch that leads onto Noto’s main pedestrian thoroughfare, Hotel Porta Reale puts you right in the center of the action. And who wouldn’t want to begin their night out with an aperitivo on the roof terrace?!

Photo: Booking.com

where to stay in noto: la dependance hotel

La Dépendance Hotel

€€ | 3 Star | Centrally Located Seclusion | Old-World Vibes

If being so close to the action is more stressful than invigorating for you, La Dépendance is the compromise option for where to stay in Noto! Just a few short blocks from the center of Noto, entering this hotel feels like you’re stepping away from the world. Every room is designed with neutral, calming decor while the historic building speaks for itself.

Photo: Booking.com

Best Noto Hotels: Budget

where to stay in noto: marla's boutique rooms

Marla’s Boutique Rooms

| 4 Star | Luxurious Bathrooms | Good Parking

It’s not every day that a B&B gives you the chance to feel so luxurious! Marla’s rooms are each unique, but all offer refined elegance—from mood-lit bathrooms to four poster beds. And to come this highly reviewed with such a surprisingly low price tag… this might be one of the best value spots in all of Noto!

Photo: Booking.com

where to stay in noto: b&b novecento siciliano

B&B Novecento Siciliano

| 4 Star | Light, Bright & Airy | Central Location

There’s a certain romance to B&B Novecento – maybe it’s the huge windows and gorgeous tile floors, or maybe it’s the location just steps away from Cathedral San Nicolò. In any case, all of the above at a price under $100/night is pretty unbeatable!!

Photo: Booking.com

where to stay in noto: albergo la fontantella

Albergo La Fontantella

€ | 3 Star | Rustic Charm | Great for Families

This albergo located on the edge of central Noto offers excellent value and is one of few hotel properties in town that boasts rooms which easily accommodate more than two people. Rooms are basic, but very spacious and featuring amazing wooden beamed ceilings – which will make you and your group feel like you’re living a Sicilian fantasy.

Photo: Booking.com

Where to Stay in Noto in Sicily: Vrbo

where to stay in noto: umberto apartment vrbo

Umberto Apartment

€€ | Great Wifi & Well Equipped | Modern Design

For those of you after a more DIY visit to Noto, this apartment in the more residential part of the city has you covered. Tastefully yet simply decorated, this place features Baroque touches layered on top of sleek, minimalist floors and dreamy dark wood finishes. It also features a private roof terrace with absolutely mind-blowing views over Noto. The owner prominently advertises remote work, so you can be sure this place will feature excellent wifi!

Photo: Vrbo

P.S. When you book using my links, you help support Rachel IRL at no extra cost to you. It’s a win-win!

Where in Noto will you stay?

I wasn’t joking when I said that there’s a long list of excellent options for where to stay in Noto. And honestly, any one of these Noto hotels will make your stay in the Baroque city memorable, comfortable, and just plain fun!

While you’re planning, I suggest checking out some of my other great posts on how to visit Sicily below. It is really the destination that just keeps on giving, and I’m so excited for you to get to know my favorite part of Italy for yourself!

Buon giornata! x

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where to stay in noto
where to stay in noto

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