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20 Perfect Bacalar Hotels: The Best Independent, Boutique & Luxury Stays

Ready for a tropical escape in the Mayan jungle? If so, then it’s time to dive into the ultimate guide for where to stay in Bacalar! From charming budget finds to luxurious havens, my meticulously curated list of hotels and vacation houses in Bacalar covers every visitor’s dream. Bacalar’s alluring blend of natural beauty and soothing vibes is reflected in every one of these hand-picked properties. Find your perfect stay and experience the magic of Bacalar!

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If you’ve gotten far enough in considering a trip to Bacalar, Mexico that you’re now looking for where to stay in Bacalar then you have made some good decisions recently!!! Bacalar is one of my absolute favorite places in the world (read more about why here), and if it’s on your radar at all then this is your sign to book. that. trip. now.

Bacalar has a little something for everyone: it’s just as popular with backpackers as it is with honeymooners. And with so many different types of travelers falling in love with Bacalar, it follows that there are exceptional Bacalar hotels, hostels and home rentals at literally every price tier you could imagine.

One thing all of the best hotels in Bacalar have in common, though, is that aesthetics reign supreme in Bacalar. Whether you are looking for the cheapest place to stay because you only plan to sleep there or you’re looking for a resort you don’t plan to leave once your whole vacation, you will most definitely be able to find somewhere to stay in Bacalar that’s cute, calming, and (if you’re into it) Instagram-able!

So keep scrolling and let’s go going with my meticulously curated list of the best Bacalar hotels!

Short on time? TL;DR:

If you’re booking your Bacalar hotels last minute or just want a quick summary of where to stay in Bacalar – look no further!

Here are the top Bacalar hotels for any budget or requirement:

  1. Luxury: Our Habitas Bacalar
  2. Boutique: Hotel Casa Hormiga
  3. Mid-Range: Blue Palm Bacalar
  4. Budget: Alma de Zorro
  5. Hostel: Che Bacalar Hostel
  6. Vacation house for couples: Lagoon House
  7. Vacation house for groups: Casa Tita

Accommodation for Any Budget

When deciding where to stay in Bacalar, you’ll have plenty of options at every possible budget from the most luxurious of hotels to dirt cheap (yet still trendy) hostel rooms to amazing vacation rentals (for those who prefer a more independent or local experience).

Hotels in Bacalar have one thing in common though: they are cute as hell. Unlike so many other destinations, ~vibes~ are not reserved for the top budget tier in Bacalar! This alone makes it an amazing destination for anyone budget-minded.

With that said, this list is the result of me meticulously hand-picking properties and hotels across every price point and location—in the town of Bacalar, and on the lagoon a few minutes outside of town in either direction. And my bar is high. I wouldn’t include a single hotel here that I wouldn’t stay in myself!

So, no matter what your budget, travel style, or needs, this list will have something for you.

The ranges of each budget category in this article are as follows (all prices in USD):

  • Budget – $: Under $100/night
  • Mid-Range – $$: $100 to $175/night
  • Boutique – $$$: $175 to $300/night
  • Luxury – $$$$: $300+/night

Keep in mind that prices fluctuate significantly between high and low seasons, but these ranges should be roughly accurate most of the time.

Most asked questions about where to stay in Bacalar

What is the best area to stay in Bacalar?

There’s really no clear cut answer to the question of which area is the best to stay in in Bacalar, but there are pretty clear pros and cons to each option!

If you’re wanting to have a truly relaxing and luxurious vacation, and want to prioritize getting away from all of the chaos of your daily life, then it’s definitely best to stay outside of the center of Bacalar. The hotels outside of town are often quieter, a bit more tucked into the jungle, and may offer more amenities like spa treatments or higher quality food. Choosing to stay outside of Bacalar will also give you the best chances of finding accomodation that has private lagoon access, which was absolutely the best part of staying outside of Bacalar for us.

Of course the downside is that if you do want to go to town for dinner or hanging out you will have to take a taxi into town, so you’ll have to take that expense into account.

On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, want to have a more sociable/exciting time or want to party a bunch while you’re in Bacalar then staying in town is for you! Here you’ll enjoy easy access to beach clubs, restaurants and shops, and have a more “city-break” type of experience. There are definitely some nice, and even luxury places in town, but I’ve found that even still they don’t quite stack up to those outside of town, so it’s worth considering what’s most important to you as you choose a location.

How much does it cost to stay in a beach hotel in Bacalar?

On average, you can expect to pay about $150-200 a night for a nice beach hotel in Bacalar. There are definitely options below and above this price range, but this is probably the most common option.

It’s definitely pricier to stay on the beach in Bacalar (though in my opinion it was 100% worth it), and if you want cheaper accommodation I recommend opting for a hotel in town, otherwise the cheaper beach options are just a bit less nice, and I really value a comfortable place to stay! I think Bacalar is the perfect place to unwind and live your best resort life, which is best done out of town.

What are the best luxury hotels in Bacalar?

Luckily there are a decent amount of luxury hotels to choose from in Bacalar (keep reading to see all the nitty gritty details!), but Our Habitas Bacalar is my ultimate top pick for luxury hotels in Bacalar. It’s where we stayed and I couldn’t possibly say more good things about it.

Some other good options are Khaban, which is so serene, Naya, which I think would be my top pick if Habitas was fully booked, Alkalki, which looks so calming, Puerta del Cielo, which has interiors I’m obsessed with, Bacalari, which has a stunning common space, and finally, Hotel Casa Hormiga which is the perfectly designed boutique hotel.

Where to Stay in Bacalar Town

All of the properties in this section are located right in the town of Bacalar – that means you’ll be just as close to the lagoon as you are to restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. Bacalar is relatively small, which means it is walkable. These options are for you if driving yourself or needing to call a taxi frequently (which is doable and easy!) doesn’t sound appealing.

Best Boutique Hotels in Bacalar Town

hotel casa hormiga in bacalar

Hotel Casa Hormiga

$$$ | 5 Star | Central Location | Stunning Interiors

Perfectly located near the center of town, but only a few blocks from the lagoon, Hotel Casa Hormiga is a stunning and beautiful oasis. They offer free yoga classes as well as bikes to those staying with them, and guests can also enjoy the private pool on the property. Guests say that this hotel rivals those in Tulum!

Photo: Booking.com

bacalari hotel in bacalar


$$$ | 5 Star | Walkable Location | Adults Only

Located just far enough out of the center to feel calm, but close enough to be walkable, Bacalari is a sanctuary of calm just steps away from all of the most important things to do in Bacalar. The hotel offers an outdoor pool, garden and terrace, so you can relax in luxury without even leaving your accomodation! Recent guests rave about the welcoming staff, cleanliness, and amazing food.

Photo: Booking.com

la galuna hotel in bacalar

La Galuna

$$$ | 4 Star | Peaceful | Steps From the Lagoon

Guests RAVE about the rooms at La Galuna, located mere steps from the famous Bacalar Lagoon. I’m personally a fan of their stunning pool area (including in-pool hammocks), as well as the option to choose a room with a hot tub or even a balcony—talk about luxury.

Photo: Booking.com

Best Mid-Range Hotels in Bacalar Town

blue palm bacalar

Blue Palm Bacalar

$$ | 4 Star | Central Location | Comfortable Atmosphere

With a restaurant, spa services, and stunning pool on-site, Blue Palm Bacalar really offers you everything you could need to have a luxurious and relaxing stay in Bacalar. The rooms are spacious and comfortable, and many of them come with a balcony! At the same time, it’s located just around the corner from some of Bacalar’s nicest restaurants.

Photo: Booking.com

casa chukum in bacalar

Casa Chukum

$$ | 3 Star | Attention to Detail | Amazing Hosts

Situated in a nice area of the town center, nearby to all sorts of great restaurants, Casa Chukum is just a stone’s throw from the beach and the action—so you’ll get the best of both worlds. Guests say that the staff is incredibly nice and helpful, and the attention to detail across the hotel is insane! I love the relaxing atmosphere of the dining/pool area, and the rooms themselves are spacious and serene.

Photo: Booking.com

Best Budget Hotels in Bacalar Town

che bacalar hostel

Che Bacalar Hostel

$ | Laid Back Atmosphere | Shared or Private Rooms

Just because Che Bacalar is affordable doesn’t mean it’s isn’t cultivating the perfect island holiday vibes! This hostel is great for anyone wanting to be in the thick of it all, as it’s located quite centrally. The greenery throughout the property, as well as the cool architecture, project an un-pretentious but impressive vibe that’s just begging you to chill out and enjoy thoughtless days in paradise. Plus, their private rooms might as well fit in the luxury hotel category!

Photo: Booking.com

agam hotel in bacalar

Agam Hotel

$ | Slow-Paced Vibes | Copious Amenities

Ok, it sounds strange but one of the main draws here is the breakfast: people absolutely love it! The best thing about Agam Hotel, though, is its intimate size: from attentive service to a pool area that’s never too crowded, Agam will basically be your private oasis in Bacalar! This hotel also offers a gorgeous garden area, a bar, and bikes available to rent, so what’s not to love?!

Photo: Booking.com

My Bacalar Town Vacation House Pick

Bego's Lagoon House in Bacalar

Bego’s Lagoon House

$$ | Private Lagoon Access | Self-Catering

If you want to feel like a little slice of paradise belongs all to you, while still having easy access to the food, nightlife, and shopping offered by Bacalar, Bego’s Lagoon House is for you. You’ll share a private pier with only three other houses, and have free access to kayaks, SUPs, and bikes to use to your heart’s content!

Photo: Booking.com

Where to Stay in Bacalar on the Lagoon

If your idea of the perfect tropical jungle vacation involves sitting by the water and moving only to get another drink, you’ll want to look just beyond the town of Bacalar for your ideal hotel or vacation house. Luckily, there are nearly endless options for serene, lagoon-front accommodation within just a 10-20 minute drive of town in either direction (north or south). Here are my favorites—including the hotel we stayed at!

Best Luxury Bacalar Hotels on the Lagoon

our habitas in bacalar

Our Habitas Bacalar

$$$$ | 5 Star | Adults Only | Daily Activities

Without a doubt Our Habitas is my top choice for where to stay in Bacalar. I don’t have a single bad thing to say about our time here. The tented rooms are stunning, comfortably air conditioned, and boast the outdoor showers of your dreams, The property itself sits nestled right between the lagoon and the jungle—all rooms are identical and price tiers simply indicate distance from the waterfront. The staff was probably the nicest and most friendly staff I’ve ever interacted with on a vacation, and the food for every meal was unbelievable. I would stay here (or honestly, any Habitas property) again in a heartbeat.

Photo: Booking.com

khaban bacalar hotel boutique

Khaban Bacalar Hotel Boutique

$$$ | 4 Star | Spacious Rooms | Family Appeal

While this property is reminiscent of OurHabitas, it might offer a slightly more accessible feel to some groups. Welcoming guests of all ages, Khaban Boutique Hotel also serves a slightly more standard menu than OurHabitas, and has a pool! That said, what it lacks in exclusivity, it makes up for in vibes. This hotel will be your jungle paradise and recent guests rave about the tranquility of the location.

Photo: Booking.com

Best Boutique Bacalar Hotels on the Lagoon

naya bacalar hotel

Naya Bacalar

$$$ | 4 Star | Affordable Luxury | Adults Only

Nestled within dense jungle greenery just a few minutes north of Bacalar town, Naya Bacalar offers a secluded escape from the world. Every room at this hotel is a private hut (some have plunge pools!) and although you’ll feel like you’ve entered another world, there’s still air conditioning and fast wifi! Lagoon access is just across the road from a private pier, and they also cater particularly well to dietary needs!

Photo: Booking.com

puerta del cielo hotel origen in bacalar

Puerta del Cielo Hotel Origen

$$$ | 4 Star | Modern Luxury | Sweeping Views

For visitors to Bacalar who love the idea of the jungle but don’t necessarily want to be stuck in the middle of it, Puerta del Cielo offers an ideal compromise. Unlike the more “grounded” accommodation found at other properties on this list, this hotel offers slightly more traditional digs. You’ll have a modern, clean, room with beautiful furnishings, excellent views over the lagoon, and all the luxury amenities you could want—but a bit more distance from the flora and fauna of the Mayan jungle!

Photo: Booking.com

alkalki hotel y centro holistico in bacalar

Alkalki Hotel

$$$ | 4 Star | Focus on Wellness | Direct Lagoon Access

Alkalki Hotel—which describes itself as a holistic center—is absolutely perfect for those wanting a completely unbothered vacation. The wellness aspect this place is considered in everything—including a healthy menu, quiet surroundings with the promise of no loud music, and lots of communal wellness activities like yoga and paddle boarding. Plus, many of the thatched hut rooms offer direct access to the lagoon right from their private decks!

Photo: Booking.com

hotel amainah bacalar

Hotel Amainah

$$$ | 4 Star | Modern Tranquility | Friendly Staff

Located directly next to the famous Cenote Azul, Hotel Amainah is situated just far enough from Bacalar town to feel secluded and away from it all, while still offering very easy access to restaurants, shopping, and nightlife. This is another property offering more traditional accommodation for those who aren’t as into being “one with nature,” but it still does not disappoint with a high-quality on-site restaurant, helpful staff, and organized activities. Family and young couple vibes abound here!

Photo: Booking.com

Best Mid-Range Bacalar Hotels on the Lagoon

tropic bacalar b&b hotel

Tropic Bacalar

$$ | 3 Star | Lagoon-Front Location | Water Activities

This hotel may skew slightly more no-frills, but that means it also offers one of the most casual vibes of any of the properties on this list! Recent guests of Tropic Bacalar rave about the helpful staff, sunrise paddle board tours, and clean rooms. A lush sloping lawn leads directly from the guest house down to the hotel’s private lagoon pier, perfect for lazily moving from your private balcony to the water and back again… multiple times per day.

Photo: Booking.com

xcabal hotel boutique in bacalar

Xcabal Hotel Boutique

$$ | 3 Star | Stunning Views | Amazing Food

Located inside a gorgeous terraced lagoon-front house, Xcabal Hotel Boutique offers the perfect balance of vibes and budget. With direct lagoon access through their private pier, free access to kayaks and paddle boards, and a traditional Mexican restaurant that has guests consistently raving, this hotel could not be a better bargain. Even so, the rooms are spacious, tastefully designed, and offer full or partial laguna views!

Photo: Booking.com

Best Budget Bacalar Hotels on the Lagoon

villas ecotucan in bacalar

Villas Ecotucan

$ | 3 Star | Peaceful Surroundings | Family-Owned

If you’re looking to unplug from everything and immerse yourself in Bacalar’s spectacular natural environment—but still save money while doing it—then Villas Ecotucan is the place for you. Each room here is a private thatched hut nestled within the jungle, yet only 100m from the property’s private lagoon access point. You’ll be able to relax on your private terrace or take the free kayaks out for a paddle to your heart’s content!

Photo: Booking.com

alma de zorro, a bacalar hotel

Alma de Zorro

$ | 3 Star | Recently Renovated | Car Recommended

It’s hard to imagine where else in the world you can get all that Alma de Zorro offers for under $100 per night. Not only is this property carefully and thoughtfully designed, but most rooms include balconies, all contain AC and fast wifi, and it’s overall a small property meaning it will never be overcrowded. People absolutely rave about the friendly and attentive staff as well! The only compromise here is that you will likely need a car to be able to access Bacalar town and the nearest swimming spot at the lagoon (although there is a small pool on-site).

Photo: Booking.com

My Favorite Vacation Houses on Bacalar Lagoon

Casa Tita, a perfect vacation house for groups in Bacalar

Casa Tita

$$$$ | Comfortably Sleeps 14 | Total Seclusion

If you’re looking for where to stay in Bacalar for a group, Casa Tita is your move hands down. This 5-bedroom house sleeps 14, has it’s own completely private lagoon access point with kayaks and a water trampoline, and offers multiple incredibly well-designed spaces for socializing that can easily accommodate everyone. As a bonus, why not spoil yourself for choice and look into the same owner’s other property, Casa Pibe, just down the road—that one is just as big and beautiful, but offers a more jungle-y vibe.

Photo: Booking.com

michaela bacalar condos

Micaela Bacalar Condos

$$ | Self-Catering | Communal Pool

For those who want the best of both worlds—home-y accommodation with the option to cook, but also vacation vibes with the opportunity to socialize—Micaela Condos is the ideal solution. This building is modern, tastefully decorated, and just far enough from town to be off the tourist path while remaining accessible. There’s also a stunning view from the roof, where you’ll find the shared pool.

Photo: Booking.com

Have you decided where to stay in Bacalar yet?

I think by now you will have realized that you really can’t go wrong when looking for the perfect hotel or vacation house in Bacalar.

This place knows exactly what it’s about—chill vibes, jungle inspiration, and natural materials that are sure to make you feel grounded and peaceful. Are you starting to see why Bacalar is truly one of my favorite places on Earth?!

While you’re planning, be sure to check out the rest of my advice on visiting Bacalar. As always, let me know here in the comments or on Instagram if you stay at any of these hotels during your trip to Bacalar, or any others that deserve to make the list!

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