Paris Google Maps Bundle

Before opening, read the instructions below for how to sync with your own Google Maps account!


Paris Google maps digital download

How to View Your Purchase in the Google Maps App

The best way to add your maps to the Google Maps app is using a computer. You can click the link above on your mobile device to import them directly to the app, but my experience is that some of the layers may fail to open. If you do it enough times, you should eventually get them all, but the below is a much more straightforward process:

Log in on both devices

It’s important to make sure you’re saving your maps to the correct account to ensure they show up properly in your mobile app.

To switch accounts if you’re not already logged into the same account on both devices, tap or click the small circle in the upper right corner of your screen. The arrow on the right will allow you to switch between accounts.

Disable pop-up blocker

You’ll need to disable your pop-up blocker in order to have each map layer open in a separate tab.

Some browsers (Safari, in particular) will invite you do to so. Others, notably Chrome, will require you to do this manually.

To do this, click the “slider” icon next to the URL at the top of your browser.

Note: If the “Pop-ups and redirects” option doesn’t appear, click “Site settings” and you can change it there.

Save each map layer

This is the easiest part! Simply click through each tab that opens and press “+ Save”.

The next time you open your Google Maps app, all of the locations will automatically appear with relevant emojis representing each layer!

Note: Any layer can be hidden at any time by tapping “Saved” in your app’s bottom menu, and then tapping the three dots next to the layer and selecting “Hide on your map”.